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Review of the movie Reboot 2020

Review of the movie  Reboot 2020 I like science fiction films, but recently films in the genre of science fiction are being shot clearly for morons, apparently society needs to form some completely inadequate perception of fantastic reality. What is not a film is fantastic nonsense, I even sometimes think that patients with schizophrenia from ward 6 will be able to compose much more interesting if they want.
In view of the fact. If there is a vacuum in the film-fiction sector, it is being filled with second-rate masterpieces from China or other parts of the world.
All about the fact that Kira Bulychev's fiction has sunk into summer, and Isaac Asimov for some reason is not interesting to anyone in terms of writing scripts.
Today I will tell you a story about a low-budget decision, about how a certain Director named Tom Peyton sees the future and what will eventually happen. One gets the impression that the author of the picture has no idea at all about what AI is-(artificial intelligence), has made some kind of miracle in the image of a smiley face and stands for the fact that in the future it will be so. It won't be like this, it already is, and the future should at least be better than the past.
And so, on Earth, cataclysm after cataclysm, another era of cooling has come, everything freezes, there is no harvest, people gradually begin to fight for a piece of bread and canned food. Along the way, somewhere in space, scientists find a gate to space and time and behind them open the planet ray, it seems to be warm and you can live, but the time difference is just Grand.
The Director considers a certain farm where two men and a girl are trying to survive in conditions of total crop failure. The father collects money for a ticket for his daughter to the cherished planet of ray, where it is not so cold and where, according to eyewitnesses, it is quite possible to live. Probably his dream would have clearly come true, but alas, their farm was attacked by neighbors due to lack of food and their daughter was killed, so the father had to forget the past himself to fly to ray, there is simply no other way to forget the past. I want to clearly fly to another world, but alas, if you are taken to your destination by some smugglers, the probability that you will fly is reduced to zero.
Our hero is a brave man Brian Marshall, in the course of the film it is he who will save the world from various kinds of cataclysms. Brian goes to ray among the last, everyone has already left, he is on the Ground watching the situation that changes the life of humanity. Brian is an ordinary farmer and he does not have much experience, at some stage he learns that there is no way to get everyone into closed settlements, no one helps lonely people. So our hero has to fight almost alone with some hasty samaylik in a smartphone against the whole army of a certain subject named Ohshe Rainer and the army created by her...
I can't say that the film is exciting, but this time it will be enough to extinguish your interest in the unknown.
Scenes from the film are quite possible to watch, there is nothing special, although the plot is very simple.
A ship of another civilization close to people is flying, a capsule with our hero is hanging out in outer space, thanks to AI, the capsule is docked to this ship and Brian continues to fight for life further. Defuses some too huge bomb that this ship decided to send to ray to destroy everyone. Along the way, the film tells that Brian himself seems to be a good person, but completely unbalanced, nervous type, who still, with God's help, manages to save an entire planet from destruction.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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