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Film Macheta 2010

Film Macheta 2010


* Length: 105 min.
* Genre: Hit, Thriller, Kriminal.
* Country: SSHA.
* Slogan: "Yesterday He Was A Decent Man Living A Decent Life. Now He Is A Brutal Savage Who Must Slaughter To Stay Alive.".
* Stage manager: Itan Manikis.
* Scenario: Robert Rodriges, Alivaro Rodrigez.
* Prodyusery: Elizabeth Avellan, Alaster Berlinem (Co-executive stage manager), Dominicas Kansilla (Linear stage manager), Dzhek Gilardi ml. (Co-executive stage manager), Anthony Gudas (Executive stage manager), Aaron Kaufman, Mayls Nestel (Executive stage manager), Iliana Nikolich, Derbi Parker (Co-executive stage manager), That Proper (Associated stage manager), Steve Robbins (Co-executive stage manager), Robert Rodriges, Rik Schwartz, Kventin Tarantino.
* Operator: Dzhimmi Lindsi.
* Composer: John Debni.
* In role: Denni Treho, Robert De Niro, Dzhessika Aliba, Steven Sigal, Misheli Rodriges, Dzheff Feyhi, CHich Marin, Ron Johnson, SHi Uighem, Lindsi Washtub, Deril Sabara, Gilbert Treho, Macaw Sowed;sown, That Savini, Ticket Bler, Feliks Sabates, Elektra Avellan, Eliz Avellan, Vetch Trevino, Alehandro Antonio...
* First-night in world: 18.08.2010.
* Reliz on DVD: 23.09.2010.
??????? description:
Shall Say immediately film from genre comedy on bandit themes. In principle plot nothing, but if reason the brain amerecos. But if look as idle time inhabitant village, that film seems little funny. Unless pay attention to given split hairs, that film rather interesting. As always America fights with emigre from Mexico. The Glorious staff Texas as always in eve choice governor. The New governor turns out to be to be connected with drugsman from Mexico. He tries to build the electronic fence along the whole border of the staff, but with one condition. Certain trick is provided In barrier through which possible was carry the drugs from Mexico, but violators did not pass. In the whole this history with public prosecutor and boss to mafias have a deal withs police powerfully offended on that and the other. His moniker "Macheta", he in a masterful fashion have this mexican weapon and kill its offender on the whole strictnesses. See and possible film you will bring the pleasure:) Though I not certain uzh painfully empty plot and cheap spec. effect.
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