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Review of the film Christmas coupon 2019

Review of the film Christmas coupon 2019 And so, everything begins from the very moment when a statuesque guy in high school rolled up to a chic girl, both loved skating and their friendship promised a chic continuation. The relationship developed very quickly, at some stage, the couple thought that they were already part of each other and the future without the second half simply would not come. But not everything is as smooth as you sometimes want. The guy in the family had a tragic event and he left the city without saying goodbye to his girlfriend,went so to speak to become a hockey star. The girl, and her name was Alison Grant, was not bored either, and eventually became a cool figure skater, and then a coach for young stars in their small town. She also loved her boyfriend, but since he played in the NHL, and was almost never at home, a local businessman named Bobby appeared next to Alison, who, although he had money, was the only thing he had.
Alison's figure skating career ended and she began coaching the figure skating section at a local ice rink. Everything seemed to be fine, but the owner of the rink is forced to terminate the contract for renting time for Alison and her group, since there is little profit, there will be more earnings if you give the rink for free skating to everyone who wants. Alison conferred with her friends and decided to continue classes with everyone who wanted to learn how to skate on the local pond, because the season allowed it, the water on the pond froze and you could skate without any problems and rent. Alison already dreams of marriage, and Bobby somehow does not move in this direction, which makes Alison's thoughts build completely different barricades in her head.
At this time, Ivan Hall plays for the ice hockey team and everything, but his leg is injured and he is forced to quit the sport for good, since at that time he has already saved a lot of millions for his future life, he did not hesitate to return to his hometown. No matter what, but there he met Allison again and as it turned out later, the love for her did not fade at all, but flared up with a new force.
At first Ivan was wary of Alison, but then he became a pawn in someone else's game and by chance began to face his ex very closely thanks to the plan of his niece, who wanted her uncle to take her to the skating rink for figure skating.
So, in fact, a new page in the relationship between Ivan and Alison began. At first they seemed to be fighting, then they got used to it again and at some stage Alison Decides to really leave Bobby to sort of decide in life what she wants and who will give more for her ass?
Although Bobi got turned away from the gate, but still did not put an end to Alison and was constantly looking for different excuses to ask for forgiveness, give a ring or something else, in General, in various ways, he tried to remind his ex, but Alison at that time was already completely immersed in the relationship with Avan.
Ivan would not like to be with Alison, but his gnawing old grudge and he's like it froze at some stage relations to Ivan helped his friends and all had improved and probably would be super further, but then an unexpected phone call and an offer to coach the team knocks Ivan out of the rut and he's thinking that Alison's past, he agrees to coaching. But before leaving, Alison offers to go with him, having been refused, he leaves alone to train a hockey team somewhere far away.
Do you think that's it? Not at all, Alison got into a fight with Bobby and goes to A distant city to Ivan, and Ivan, on the advice of his agent, returns to his city to be happy in the future. Alison goes to the station to go to Ivan, and Ivan is already on the bus to his hometown to meet Alison and tell her that he loves Her and will never leave again. In the end, the wedding, love and all that. In General, a good melodrama with a Christmas bias. In General, a good film, I advise you to watch if you are in the mood and the wine is splashing in the glass, and the Princess is sitting on her lap.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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