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The film " Theodosian Fairy TaleĽ

The film What interesting things did the directors and screenwriters make another masterpiece about, what is the film "Theodosian Fairy Tale"about? The film will be interesting to the younger generation, those who do not like to watch stupefying Western films with completely incomprehensible values in the subtext. The main character of this tape is a boy Mitya, he believed that dreams come true once, and at some stage of his still young life he finds himself in the land of Dreams. The country itself looks fabulous, but the characters that live in this fabulous country are many times more colorful and you can even say that they are a little epic. Mitya meets with many fairy-tale characters, conducts interesting dialogues, as a result, a difficult task is assigned to him, he, as a fairy-tale hero who has fallen into a fairy-tale country, must save it, the magic starna of Dreams, as it turns out, also has its own subtleties and difficulties. It is not difficult to guess that the film is shot in the manner of fantasy, the focus is on a fairyland ruled by a great magician who loves to travel through the air. As usually happens, good at some stage gets boring and evil is required, so that everyone shakes up! So in the land of Dreams, everything was as if not bad, everyone lived together and now everything flew to tar tarary, the world of dreams was visited by a grandiose disaster. The trouble is unusual, the trouble is strange... People in the land of dreams have always lived young and beautiful, and then for some reason they began to grow old, people's faces became scary and they were forced to wear concealing masks in order not to frighten each other. Although such a disaster lasted for a very long time, somewhere in the appendices it was indicated long before this grand cataclysm that harmony would reign in the world and the cause of everything would be a boy from another world. He will arrive and return the magic book to its place, and as a result, people will learn to believe in the dream and everything will be as it was in the old happy times.
Mitya is an ordinary boy, he came by train to rest in Feodosia with his father. The fresh air of the sea inspired a fabulous feeling and gave the boy hope about a really fabulous pastime in the Crimea.
As you already understood, the boy Mitya appears in a fairy tale in a fairy tale and from this moment everything begins...
We shot the film "Theodosian Fairy Tale" in beautiful places of the Crimea. This is Feodosia, Sevastopol and Yalta. In the frames of the film, you can even see the Stamboli cottage, the Rocks of Rowe, the Aivazovsky fountain. In general, all along the Crimean coast, a group of actors rode and filmed the most amazing places in their beauty.
I do not recall that in the last 10 years money for children's films has been allocated in such a rich country as Russia, everything is changing, and there have been positive small changes in this direction.
Mitya is played by actor Mitya Mahonin. The acting group is very diverse, many actors from the Crimea
The film was first shown in Moscow on May 16, 2021, and will soon be released at the box office. The shooting lasted from 2019 to 2021, so a lot of work has been done and you can only positively evaluate all the grandiose work of the creative team led by the talented director Natalia Lebedeva.

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