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Christmas time beyond 2020 - the review of the film

Christmas time beyond 2020 - the review of the film I came across a movie like this, the name was simple, and the movie was found in the fiction section on one of the movie hosting sites. I probably would not have paid any attention to this tape, if not for the beautiful advertising screen saver, which was decorated with a Christmas tree. If the Christmas tree is in the fiction section, then clearly something is interesting, I immediately thought.... And you know, I did not lose at all, I watched the film in one breath, it reminded me of science fiction and love and all the beautiful things together just before I went to bed:)) Thanks to the Director, the picture turned out just great.
So, somewhere in the distant past, when the houses were still burning stoves with coal and wood, and rich people were driving around the city in carriages, there lived a certain Mr. Whitley, who had already achieved everything in his life, tried to think of something, to implement something. He even had a large factory, which gave him not a bad profit and was practically a city-forming enterprise, or at least the largest at that time.
Mr. Whitley had everything, and as a well-to-do man, he had already begun to think about marriage, but what he had planned should not have happened in history. He loved his fiancee, but as is often the case, it was not enough for her, and Mr. Whitley's time was always short.
One day on Christmas eve, our hero went to an auction in order to buy some expensive gift for his future wife. As a result, he bought a watch that, by coincidence, brought him to love in the distant future.
I brought Whitley home a watch, I wanted to give it to Him, and the spring in the watch was snapped with wire cutters. Had to be repaired. Everything worked out, because the engineer could easily afford to repair the clock of that time. On the clock was written- " When the blue Moon rises and the clock strikes midnight, the owner of the watch will find love in time!".
Mr. Whitley did not attach any importance to this inscription, and as it turned out, it was in vain! As soon as the clock struck midnight, which happened to be the day when the full Moon was in the sky, Mr. Whitley disappeared in his own time and appeared in the distant future, in a world where political chaos and technocracy reigned. It's good that the Director did not show modern reality, but only limited himself to a story about the Whitley family and the legacy of this family, otherwise it would have turned out to be some sad story with a time machine in the clock:)) and so, Mr. Whitley disappeared there, and then appeared.
Today, his factory Empire is no longer there, all the property has gone to the city, and the ancestral home is the Museum of Mr. Whitley. So, when he came to his senses, our time traveler saw that for some reason his Desk was under glass, although the house is quite similar to the one in which he actually lived. Further adventures around the house led him to shock, because he actually found himself in his own house, but a hundred years in the future.
Here he meets the granddaughter of his servant, who works as the Director of the Museum, the fate of Mr. Whitley brings her more closely, because she knows the history of the city and the history of the Whitley family very well, because she defended a whole dissertation on this topic and was going to become a history teacher at the University. It probably would have happened if it hadn't been for Mr. Whitley and his watch and time travel.
The Museum held a party under the guise of visiting Mr. Wheatley. Mr. Whitley is usually played by a similar actor, but then it so happened that the actor seemed to have refused to work, there was no new one, and the real Mr. Whitley from the past wandering around the house in a dressing gown just began to be perceived by everyone at first as a new actor. No one believed him, only the curator of the Museum saw the horseshoe-shaped scar on his arm and immediately realized that the man who had been missing for a hundred years without a trace was the same Mr. Whitley, the same owner of this house. To legalize it in our world, we had to invent a legend that the real Mr. Whitley is just a hired actor. They played until they fell in love, so much so that Mr. Whitley decided not to return home, but remained in the future in love with the granddaughter of his maid:)
Costumes and dialogues are just a song, the script is not necessary, it does not look like a drama, in General, not a bad new year's movie with elements of fiction. If you are looking for something to see in the theme "Christmas 2020", then look for the movie "Christmas in time 2020", I think you will not regret and do not waste time in vain.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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