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John Carter and John Carter 2 Gods of Mars which movie is better?

John Carter and John Carter 2 Gods of Mars  which movie is better? Look at this interesting film, it's like everything is not as usual as in our world, everything is more than strange. The ships sail through the sky on some blue rays it's not magic is it? Next to the gods, who exactly have such technologies, which except for magic and magic can not be described. In Hollywood at this time, as it stopped making good movies, the last box-office film that I really liked was shot in 2009 and is called "Avatar", all that after each new film more and more instills interests alien to the ordinary person, and if so, then you do not really want to watch such reading matter.
By the way, recently I was able to see the movie John Carter 2 gods of Mars with friends under beer. The first part was watched, but for a long time, it was interesting in some ways at that time and definitely consider this tape completely useless is not worth it. Critics once even wrote that the first part of John Carter raised little money. In order to earn a little more on the same topic, the Disney Studio decided to make another film in the topic.
Since the film in the first part did not collect the necessary amount of money, the film Studio "Disney" as it is not willing to Finance the second part of the tape. The main character Taylor Kitsch did not immediately even sign a contract to shoot the second part.
At first they thought, then they guessed, and then they decided to allocate much more money for the second part of the film, so that the film turned out to be a notable one. Sometimes the truth and the money is there and the desire is to shoot, but there is no Muse that would exactly guarantee that the film will be box office and everyone will be in good profit. If you need an example, then study the essence of how the film "Hancock" was made, its producer was will Smith.
The gods of Mars came out as promised in 2019, the picture turned out to be very interesting, in many ways it liked, you can immediately see that the cost of special effects has increased, the plot has become more dynamic, attractive.
The film "John Carter" was based on the novel by Edward rice Burroughs. It's as simple as that, first the chase, then the Indians, then the cave,and then some medallion, and then Carter is already on Mars, somewhere in the desert. The place is not the best for life, there is not much water, there is a war between the two cities, and some humanoid tribes are also at war with themselves and their neighbors. Not the most genial place in our Solar system. The force of gravity on the fairy-tale Mars is not as great as even on the moon, because Carter once on Mars was able to jump probably 200 meters at least, and then at a height of 400, because he even managed to jump to flying past aircraft. The thing is that having got used to the earth's gravity, Carter once on Mars became an idol of the public because of his not hefty strength. A huge force gave him a chance to defeat anyone on the planet and perhaps thereby somehow influence the outcome of the war of tribes and peoples. It all started for Carter as something not COMILFO, he was first captured by horned humanoids, then saved the Princess and went to go. Getting to know the Princess of Zadanga Dejah Thoris herself introduced a new topic for development, Carter first became her protector, and then further advanced in the relationship. Carter began to influence all the events that took place on Mars at the behest of the gods, everything went completely wrong and the gods did not like this behavior of the Earthman at all. To as the besiege Carter gods have him trickery took away a special medallion-the key, but not long music joy have gods sounded with mouths, soon Carter will regain itself medallion.
In the second part, Carter does not live with his Princess on Mars. He lives on Earth and from there miraculously gets to Mars by teleportation. The picture is based on the second novel by Edward rice Burroughs and turned out even better than the previous one.
Movies shot at the disney studios are more like a fairy tale, but this does not prevent them from watching with a great desire to enjoy every scene. In any case, both films are worth watching and both films with the main character deserve respect. < h2>John Carter 2 trailer

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