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Review essaymoviereview
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The essay - Film is a Double celebration 2019
I don't know why they don't make films about Christmas in Russia with a Russian subtext, but apparently there is no answer in this life:) but the Jewish Christmas-Hanukkah flashes on the screen and is already tired to the point of horror. What is not a film about Christmas by Helmark, it's all about Catholics and about Jews, apparently Muslims and Christians in America, or there is no desire to make films about their new year holidays. I don't w...
Film Noel 2008 - essay review
Anything can happen on Christmas day, or even something that you can't understand or feel at all. To understand the essence of the things described by the screenwriter in this film, you need to at least spend some time in the skin of the character. The most interesting character in my opinion is Noel, a woman who is already over 40 and who is clearly being groomed by a certain young man with whom she works. Miracles do not happen for nothing, do...
Essay review of the movie Christmas next door - 2019
The theme of Christmas is increasingly popping up in movies and on TV, it's time for Christmas to walk the planet. There are so many movies on this topic, you can watch them at any time, they are all online. The film that will be discussed now is a typical Christmas film, it did not fall out of the clip and did not become an exception. You can watch the film with the whole family, the film is very interesting. The cast can be said to be unique, ...
Review-essay about the movie Sweet Christmas novel 2019
Christmas is a sweet time. Candy and cookie time. Sweets from store shelves on Christmas eve are scattered with great enthusiasm, and if the production of sweets itself has a great history, then even if you do not like sweets, you will still buy for the sake of showing or giving such a unique gift to your family and friends. On Christmas and new year's eve, probably only evil elves do not like to watch melodramas and fairy tales about happiness ...
Review-essay about the film Christmas recipe for Romance (2019)
Somewhere on the edge of the world in a God-forsaken wilderness, where those who shovel money in the stone jungles of America hide from reality. Only in such small towns still honor the tradition and try to reduce the budget to profit in the absence of customers. The film tells about life in a separate hotel, the owners of which practically kept it for their money. When the hotel passed into management from the grandmother to the granddaughter,...
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