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Movie John Carter-2 (Carter's Adventure on Mars)

Movie John Carter-2 (Carter's Adventure on Mars) It was Sunday, 2020, to find something new did not work quickly, and there are not many movies worth watching, so I decided to watch something that I had not noticed before. So actually began viewing the movie John Carter 2, I started watching the second part, so the review will be just about the second part. Before downloading the film, I read the reviews and it turned out that many people do not like this picture, as for me it is normal and there is no damage in it. Probably on the big screen, this wonderful film would be more interesting to watch, but in the cinema the film has long passed and if it is ever shown, then probably in the retro cinema hall at least.
The film is simply oversaturated with various special effects, although the level is far from the Avatar. As usual, fiction without extraterrestrials can not do, there are some horned creatures that are similar to bugs, if it is simpler, it is a certain race of steppe alien warriors on the expanses of Mars. They're tall, maybe strong, but they can't jump like John Carter. The landscape for the film was chosen simply depressing, wherever you look, there are mountains and deserts everywhere, and if there are rivers somewhere, they are so poor that it's just creepy. There are no seas and oceans on the planet, and therefore there is plenty of room for life.
By the way, while I was watching the film, I didn't even think that it had anything in common with the avatar, but when I watched the film, something reminded me from a distance that the cliche was still removed from the Avatar of 2009. Probably 11 years after the Avatar came out, no one ever interrupted Cameron as special effects, although the film "John Carter 2" is quite something new in this direction.
I probably like the fact that now movies do not do so, everything is monumental and detailed, everything is verified to the smallest detail and everything seems like a single monumental monolith, not chatter, but very close:)
The storyline is traced without any special jumps, there is no impression when watching the film that you are flying somewhere and losing the main plot line. The film so simply probably would have got it, if we did not assume that Mars has air, there is heat and there is water, and the force of gravity there is probably three times or even less than on the moon, otherwise we can not explain the fact that Carter was able to jump so high that he could easily jump on a passing glider. I was also very pleased that women on Mars are the same as on Earth. If you imagine all this, agree with everything, then the film is quite good to watch.
The author apparently very responsibly approached the production of the picture, the film turned out to be quite interesting, in some ways even sincere, although it is not easy to imagine such a thing as who without a film. This is called "Magic of art", when someone created a masterpiece completely in your mind for a while you are transported to another reality.
The main character, the same Carter is probably a very well-played character, the actor gave everything 100%, there is simply nothing to dig up, although I think for such a role you could find some kind of a Jock with more rippled muscles. I of course zhee not a Jock, and so cool would even with training probably not played in seemingly simple scenes.
His companion, the Princess of Mars, is very super, I really liked her. Picked up a charming beauty, so just salivating. The actress is ordinary, her roles are ordinary, the only thing that distinguishes her in this picture is probably the makeup and the role itself. Otherwise, no one would have noticed it.
Make-up artists and stunt Directors can make an ordinary actress just super candy, as it seems to me here masterfully the Director fooled us.
Here is such a cool movie turned out. There are strange blind gorillas, some dogs that look like monsters, and of course horned humanoids. Look at this picture once and be very surprised by what you saw. If you dream about this, you will not want to Wake up, if you are not the main character in the film. I wish you a pleasant viewing, I liked the movie "John Carter 2" very much.

John Carter 2 "Ruinas de marte"/Official Trailer (Fan Made)

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author:) thank you!

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