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The essay - Film is a Double celebration 2019

The essay - Film is a Double celebration 2019 I don't know why they don't make films about Christmas in Russia with a Russian subtext, but apparently there is no answer in this life:) but the Jewish Christmas-Hanukkah flashes on the screen and is already tired to the point of horror. What is not a film about Christmas by Helmark, it's all about Catholics and about Jews, apparently Muslims and Christians in America, or there is no desire to make films about their new year holidays. I don't watch movies like this because I just idolize Jews, not at all! The Jews wander in the desert by themselves, and I dance around the Christmas tree by myself. So we meet in different ways each at his trough.
If you do not pay attention to the Jewish message, then the film is normal, even in something positive. I did just that: I didn't see Rebecca as a Jew who didn't know anything about the Christmas spirit at all, and her happy family as arrogant friends who just wanted to do charity work instead of building a world without the poor. In General, after such virtual cutouts, I watched the film to the end and do not even regret it.
In the lens of an office building in which each floor is inhabited by a Cantor. Rebecca previously worked somewhere in the wine place and in this place it is not long. Next to her in the team works Chris, who works longer in the company and behaves more relaxed, even rudely puts his feet on the table, well, just an American. Rebecca does not like Chris too much with her attention, even dislikes him in some ways, and even told her sister different nonsense about him.
The most interesting thing begins on Christmas eve, everyone is waiting for a Grand miracle at this time and it turns out that it sometimes comes gradually and closes the doors behind it on Christmas day. This is exactly what one of the bosses did on Christmas eve, she just moved to a competitor's company for a higher pay and position. And all of her responsibilities fell heavily on the slender shoulders of Rebecca and Chris. Their first joint task at first glance is simple, it is necessary for the management of the cantora to organize a corporate party in the house of the chief. Everything would be fine, but Chris still doesn't like Rebecca, and she pays the same. To all the delights of working together, competition is also added in front of the boss for the right to get a new position. When the little things like settled down and two employees-competitors for future promotion took up work, it turned out that Christmas was entrusted to organize for Christians to a Jewish woman and her assistant:)) Probably everything would have turned out to be a copper basin, if not for Chris, who knows a lot about Christmas and how to choose a Christmas tree. Rebecca well, instead of something to do for a corporate party pays more attention to family, pancakes are plain and she can't cook. Once Chris even saved her from a fire in the kitchen, because the Jewish girl does not know how to cook pancakes at all, but for some reason she was waiting for her father, mother and sister with her nieces to visit. As you understand, the plot is not at all intricate, it is simple as a Lapot, besides, nothing special stands out. The whole film is based on the actors ' play, their dialogues are so-so, but in order to make the film more or less, we had to improvise and do sometimes completely unthinkable acting tricks.
Initially, some actors are shown in a bad light, others seem to be soft and fluffy, and already in the course of the film everything changes in a completely different direction. It's kind of unexpected. Apparently the Director decided to show the magic of Christmas with such a feint? If this was specifically conceived, then this topic was a great success!
The film "Double holiday 2019" does not load your head with different nonsense, you watch and enjoy the fact that people live and everything goes well with them. Around just some kind of nightmare, companies are closed, assets are leaking into the sewer, and in our case, no one thinks about anything, everything is in chocolate. The film is good, but creates a deceptive impression about America, it turns out that in a free country only JEWS Live in chocolate, and the rest of society has a constant question in their head? Where to get money and how to collect on the table in the New Year, so as not to look like a black sheep. And if it weren't for Jewish charity, poor Americans would have long since stretched their legs. That's how this light film advertising the life of Jews in America is perceived.
If you didn't find anything sensible about Christmas, then the film "Double holiday 2019" is quite suitable, because in bezrybe, cancer is considered a fish:)

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