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The film "Serf" (2019) - I liked it!

The film I guess I missed a good Russian comedy. Either the filmmakers chopped, or create only that which brings money, but not pleasure. In this case, I want to tell you about the film “The Serf”, a picture of how the son of a rich dad got into re-education in a special camp. If you don`t watch the beginning of the film, then it turns out fabulously! And if you know what happened at the beginning of the film, then watching it is somehow not so interesting.
Everyone immediately seeing a positive review will immediately say: - “And what are the shortcomings?”
Of course, there are shortcomings in their rampart, but there is still more good, but if bad, then there are paws, there is also a certain confusion and inconsistency in the dialogs. If you see the film once, then obviously you will not be reviewing it a second time in order to see the blunders! If you compare with films such as "Grandmother of easy virtue" or "Three morons in Mexico", the film "Serf" seems like a fairy tale! Everything turned out very well. If you want to watch just a terrible comedy, then watch the film Women Against Men. This is definitely a delusional movie and even laziness to talk about it.
In the film “The Serf”, a good deed is raised, how not to twist, and you need to re-educate the shed major. Even the usual desire to re-educate is not enough, here we need a non-standard approach. In the life of sons of wealthy daddies, no one really brings up, it`s only in the movies everything is so fabulous. A good dad gives birth to a good son, and a rich dad usually children grow up unattended, because dad is busy increasing capital.
In our case, the main character Grisha, dad clearly changed his mind in time and began to look for ways to influence his son. It`s probably important to start raising children with yourself, and when children look at their parents they will do as they need, take off the cream.
The logic of the film flies to the fact that the son of a dead guy has a great father. Very often it`s just the opposite.
In our case, a certain Gregory, who rides a cool car and behaves completely brazenly, is not afraid of either the police or the police, he does not care, he knows that dad will come and pick him up from any situation. BUT dad does not like it and he finds a way out of the situation. He for a lot of money creates in some abandoned place a performance from the past, where he sends his son as a slave. If you believe in parallel worlds, then our Gregory, having watched the series of a certain Prokopenko on Ren TV, began to believe in the other world. Dad took advantage of this and sent his son to re-educate in a different world, as it were, without a real opportunity to return home.
Gregory, having an accident, suddenly comes to his senses in a barn and he is no longer the son of a rich daddy, but an ordinary groom from a gentleman, that is, a serf. Gregory is slightly crazy, surprised at everything, but thanks to storyteller Prokopenko with Ren TV, he believes in all the rubbish that surrounds him. Now Gregory is in 1860, and now slaves are beaten with a whip for wrongdoing.
The film`s humor is enough, there`s a bit of vulgarity, how could it be without it? The film is normal and does not impose a sex theme on you every five minutes.
I was greatly amused by the theme of playing the melody “Lambada” on an ordinary balalaika, maybe it`s a blunder, or maybe it was intended for the sake of laughter.
The film as a whole follows a certain logic, they are not going to surprise anyone here, it is important to return the guy to a normal life in full mental health. It turned out quite interesting, although if everything turned out to be in reality, then everything would have turned out to be much more real and interesting for Gregory.
As you understand, I only tell the good about the film “Serf”, if you believe my taste, be sure to watch this Russian comedy.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :)

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