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A couple from the Future-2021, an interesting comedy

A couple from the Future-2021, an interesting comedy Today I watched a surprisingly interesting film, a film about how a couple from the future got into the past and decided to change their future with this case. In general, it would seem complete confusion, but in fact everything is not so simple in fact, this film has its own highlight.
I watched the film with my wife and she told me that if we were in the past, she would clearly not fall for me young and ambitious, would prefer something more interesting and not so ambitious. And then I fell for the promise to live in Germany in the near future, but in fact everything turned out to be much more interesting, we were in Germany, but at the end of my life, then when my ass does not fit into one skirt, and my husband clearly would have drunk a cool German beer, but the kidneys staged a strike....
The film, by the way, was shot in the city where my wife was born, and from where I then "discharged" her to Moscow. Nizhny Novgorod is a unique city. The idea is more than interesting, and the cast is also in the subject. The main roles are given to Maria Aronova and Sergey Burunov. I think this actor's couple you do not need to represent, you will recognize it from a variety of TV series and without advertising.
IN general, in the future, "He" is a man with a low social status, and "She" is the one that at work they decided to finally replace with new technologies, so to speak, and reduce the live actress herself. In general, a terrible scandal is brewing in the family and the case is heading for divorce, but in the future it costs a lot of money to divorce and the spouses just sleep and see how they get into the past and change their lives for the better. In the meantime, everyone is sitting in their corners of a small apartment and cursing building their future in their little heads.
Somehow, both agreed that if they were in the past, then the divorce could be avoided, since for each one it would be necessary to determine some other option for the future. It is important to get it in the day when a guy giving a girl a proposition... Thinking the couple got into a lightning storm and vanished on the balcony on the way once in a temporal anomaly and when pureness in time fell on what the field was just in complete awe of the fact that everything seems to be getting better and the reality of what was intended not far away.
The idea is good and the director is also not bad, the picture was shot by Alexey Nuzhny, he is clearly a doc in romantic comedies, because it was he who shot such films as" I'm losing weight "and"Speakerphone".
In the end, it turned out not bad, it turned out to be an interweaving of romance with fiction. As it turns out, in Nizhny Novgorod in the future there are skyscrapers, and they just stand where in the past the rye and wheat of local farmers were planted. There is nothing special in the future, the products are a complete fake, and the apartments are like local boxes stuffed with various portable electronics. The past is not so accurate, but it is quite readable:) Then, once in the past, two couples meet, one from the future, the other from the past, and come to a consensus on how to make sure that everyone is happy in the end, both now and in the future. The young ones are played by actors Denis Paramonov and Daria Konyzheva, they all turned out more than gorgeous.
If the guys played themselves and knew what they would achieve in the future, then they would obviously probably play their roles with a different expression of lit and with a greater zeal to change everything and as quickly as possible.
When you're older, it's always someone else's fault, but not you, so the easiest way to solve the problem is to replace it, but in the film everything goes according to a different scenario. Guys change themselves and as a result change their lives in the future in a good way. So to speak, the "butterfly Effect" in all its glory.
As a result, after a conversation between two couples, Denis did not stop Daria from trying out for one of the capital's theaters, which in turn led to the fact that the couple was clearly not in Novgorod in the future, but already in Moscow, and clearly not in a small hut, but in a good and expensive apartment. In general, if you are lucky enough to get into the past and go back, then do not make plans for the new, polish the old to a shine and you will be happy. The film "A Couple from the Future 2021" is a surprisingly interesting film.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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