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Elected to restore the jack hollered!

Elected to restore the jack hollered!

The Chosen One (2010)

The Chosen One

* Genre: Komediya.
* Country: SSHA.BR> * Stage manager: Overallses SHnayder.
* Scenario: Bun Kollinz, Overallses SHnayder.
* Prodyusery: Joe K. Britc, Ian Colhoun (Executive stage manager), Bun Kollinz, Scott Dolezal, Devid Hillari (Executive stage manager), Chris Luu (Executive stage manager), Richard Middlton (Linear stage manager), Don has Given to drink (Associated stage manager), Shahrook Oomer (Executive stage manager), Timoti Veyn Peternel (Executive stage manager), Drooped Kvested (Executive stage manager), Dzheff Rays (Executive stage manager), Joe SHnayder, Overallses SHnayder, Pierre Weisbein (Executive prodyuse).
* Operator: Pussy cats Van Oostrum.
* The Composer: Dzheff Rona.
* In role: Steve Bushemi, Overallses SHnayder, Hollend Taylor, Peter Rigert, Brendon Molale, Jack MAKGI, George Zunza, Samanta Smith, Markus Dzhamatti, Roland Liyuis, Sanny Van Heteren, Pamela Gest, Carolina Gomez, Kent SHoknek, Kerri Rendls, That Dzheykobson, Mayors Griffin, Maykl Pit, Yen Fisher, Mett Farli... ??????? description:
Want to drink, so step. Want to be? So be! Each new day this enormous era for who that, but for us this simply wink. We for who that gods, and who that for us too god. Truncated what the difference? Such principle keeps the Floor, which threw the wife for the sake of trainer on yoga. He simply ???? despaired and solved to reduce with life abacus. But all are changed in root when from distant Kolumbii come to him walkers and speak that he elected and ask to restore the jack hollered in New Yorke. As was it afterwards realized, eagle that was his father from other world and settled in city he has solved to influence upon fate of its. The Instrument became small columbian folk, which believed in spirit and saw them. When floor has performed the desire an peoples and has restored the jack on former place, in mountain will go the snow but the whole shower has approached the quietness and balance. Much in this lifes depends on simple good word. But action this best manifestation of the thoughts of the person.
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