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The Hill and the hollow (2020) - delirium

The Hill and the hollow (2020) - delirium Immediately so as not to injure your psyche for a long time with various bad words, I will say that the film Hill and hollow is based perhaps on some good scenario, but what eventually came out of the pen of the film crew does not go through any gates.
There is a feeling that the Director is not normal! The presentation of the film seems generally inadequate, and there is no question of special effects at all.
Perhaps it's time to talk about this unique Director who made this surprisingly "good" film. Directors as it turned out two-Bill Darmon, Christopher Ernst.
These two amazing people somehow woke up on the wrong foot decided to stir up a movie in which they combined both aliens and land surveyors and added rumors about massons to it. In General, it turned out just a fabulous soup. Perhaps they wanted to tell you something amazing, but in fact it turned out to be something terrible. It all begins banal simply, a certain land plot measurer named Tom Digby was sent to a God-forsaken area to measure land plots. The fact is that for some unknown reason, a huge hill appeared on one of the plots. Everything would probably have passed without problems, but some guys for no apparent reason decided to attack the specialist measurer, beat him and wanted to take his life at all. Something like this happened to his predecessors,who also disappeared somewhere. Then everything revolves around the topic "Who and for what purpose attacked a specialist from the land office?".
The further the events unfold, it seems that the town where everything is happening is located somewhere in another galaxy, everything here is somehow unusual. There are no churches in the town, there is some kind of cult that, like a gathering of important people in tuxedos, always ends with sacrifices. It seems that the people in the town " N " is under some kind of external control, and the management itself is just on this secret and nowhere listed hill. These aliens who seem to live on top of a hill distinguish good from evil and if a person is disgusting in their deeds and actions, then they will easily be forced to eat the earth and so actively that after pathologists find the earth even in the lungs. There isn't much that's nasty on the screen, but sometimes something comes across.
You watch a movie and it seems that Charlie Chaplin is about to appear on the screen on his tricycle. It seems that the film was shot at the dawn of cinema, even the smoke clouds, as drawn. Aliens did not even bother to draw properly, they made some strange monsters out of them, then they fly in the form of plasmoids, then they appear in the clouds and look at the Earth. In General, only after Smoking weed, this can be seen, otherwise such films are not born.
The cast also does not Shine, gathered somewhere those who would like to play roles, but no where is not invited. And the budget of the film is probably no more than $ 100. If we consider the inventory, then more expensive than a geodesic tripod or anything was not. Tuxedos are rented or made of paper, look somehow not natural and crumpled.
Wherever in this movie the dressing room was located in the toilet ...
Only through the fitting room in the bio toilet can you get to the mysterious party of twisted jerks in a mysterious sect.
The rest of the entourage is as if natural, the hill is ordinary, actors are inconspicuous, police bandits and people eating delicious land. Everything you needed for the picture, everything under your feet.
Here is such a miracle! There is not much to watch, I do not recommend watching this movie. If suddenly, for some reason, you want to realize in your head the fiction of the 50th century, then this film will help you in this 100%, only in this case the time will not be wasted.

Hill and hollow-2020 Horror Movie

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