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American Bandits in Wild west

American Bandits in Wild west

American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James

American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James
* Genre: Vestern.
* Country: SSHA.
* Stage manager: Fred Olen Rey.
* Scenario: Fred Olen Rey.
* Prodyusery: Berri Barnholc ((executive stage manager), Dayan Hili ((associated stage manager), Fred Olen Rey, Kimberli A. Rey ((linear stage manager), Dzheffri SHenk ((executive stage manager), Peter Sallivan ((soprodyus).
* Operator: Teo Endzhell.
* Composer: Jason Solowsky.
* In role: Peter Fund, Subject Ebell, Maykl Galio, Dzheffri Kombs, George Stulic, Anthony Tyler Kuinn, Siri Baruk, Yen Patrik Uiliyams, Ted Monte, Chris Veyc, Frenk Rossi, Peter Sherayko, Lauren Eckstrom, Dzheyk Thornton, Patrik Gorman.
* First-night in world: 01.04.2010.
Short description:
America before last age. Goes the war between North and South for association USA. In this time all live as can, all try to survive in this difficult time. One become the cunning person, but other become the highwayman. But only therefore that hate the invader. Two brothers have hacked together the gang and have hit upon coach carry money for army Yankov. Have Withdrewed all gold. In passion of the skirmish one of the brother was wounded and solved was divide money to carry for late period in abandoned city Dzhila Wales. All the miscellaneous a road to the meeting place. On trace brother leaves the honest marshal and constantly goes upon their trace. The Plot enough interesting tangled and at the end all love, and all shipshape though many killed and a part of money where that has swum away. On road in city Dzhila Wales Dzhessi James remains in house of the priest cured is reeked, but senior his brother leaves on meeting. In borough bandit fought and one kill each other, in dispute get in and come Marshal Keyn. But on way he was on visible Southerner, that liked the bandits. He has returned the half in amount and have shot through the hand for boss in Police . See and repose, film in stiletto vestern.
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