A fantastic film from the Disney company.

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Do you like movies about magic? Does magic accompany you through life? Then I advise you to watch a children's film about a boy from our time who saved akulus and solved the conflict situation in the world of elves and dwarves in a positive way.
The film "Artemis Fowl" (2020) is interesting in everything, here and a fairy tale, here and mysticism, here and magic. The main character is a boy Artemius Fowl, who saves the world from an imminent war. Although the film was created for a children's audience, it looks good.
I love the film, modern films about magic from the niche of fantasy, it was important to me not how original or not the script was written, but as a spectacle. Is it possible for a child of 12 years old to watch this masterpiece for an hour and a half in one breath and not be distracted? It turned out that children love magic much more sincerely than even some magicians and wizards who are obsessed with the occult Sciences.
The film made by the Director for a children's audience looks and adults with great pleasure. The film was shot as usual in the spirit of a costume show. Disney has always been distinguished by the quality of the costume for its characters this time as unchanged. If even there is any desire to find something that is not in the subject, then there is simply no time for such searches. The plot dynamically changes quickly, if you also track some mistakes, then there is no time to watch the movie. Usually the Disney Studio makes movies that are drawn out, movies that give you time to think, but clearly not this time. With the movie "Artemis Fowl" you either watch or reason.
Since the film is about magic and children, the main character in the film is a boy, but this is not a simple boy with the surname Valuev, this is at least Einstein in his youth. He knows everything, pokes his nose everywhere, everything he needs and wants to know about. The film somehow bypassed the very essence of our time, the film does not even touch the edge of the world wide web, it does not seem to exist, everything is different in that world, magic clearly rules there, and for long-distance communication, special magic crystals are used, and not ordinary cell towers. Somewhere in Ireland, a father with a tight purse is collecting ancient artifacts, simultaneously raising his son as a future receiver. The wife and mother kind of missed her in the film and not too and probably should be in the story.
All would nor what, Yes father as the fell in hands what the magic forces, which stole his and requires from son find artifact, which makes portals between worlds and change. Anyone at the age of 122 would have fallen into a complete stupor, but clearly this is not about our hero. Artemis is something big.
At first, Artemis did not believe that there are dwarves, trolls and elves, but then in the course of the film becomes a genius of the chess game. He sees the game not the one that is now, but the one that will be and exactly the one that he wants to play.
In order to get his father safe and sound Artemis comes up with and step by step implements a very clever plan.
You can talk about the actors and the game for a long time, someone liked the game, someone expected more. I liked all the actors, I watched the film, and did not evaluate its parts individually. In the compartment, the acting troupe played 100% perfectly.
Many believe that the film is not serious, that children play mainly the main roles here, and adults are assigned second scenes. So it is, but adults found not a few interesting roles, which in themselves are not so simple. It is important to play your role not just well, but fabulously well, so that children would say "Class!"after watching the film. Children's audience is the most impartial critic, so the cast probably got from the Director, because everything is played just fine.
When I started watching the movie "Artemis Fowl", something else immediately came to mind, I remembered the movie about "Harry Potter". Probably would compare with something else, but there is not much to compare with what. From our present cinema there is no similar one at all, and from the Soviet one comes to mind only " a Guest from the future! These two films have been released for a long time, everything has changed dramatically, at the time of the film's release, the film is usually relevant, passing along the time line, it either becomes a classic or is forgotten forever lost from sight. "Harry Potter" and " Guest from the future! this is a classic, I would like to see the movie "Artemis Fowl", at least remembered for its vision of magic and an abundance of diverse transformations. Worlds are not only as we see them, they are also as we imagine them. The world in which we live is only the first line is a huge book that humanity on the one hand trying to see and write through the eyes of fiction writers, on the other hand, all that has been thought and written, to present a movie version, and submit all to the perception and subsequent understanding at this stage of development young growth of future geniuses.

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A fantastic film from the Disney company.

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