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Review-essay about the film Christmas recipe for Romance (2019)

Review-essay about the film Christmas recipe for Romance (2019) Somewhere on the edge of the world in a God-forsaken wilderness, where those who shovel money in the stone jungles of America hide from reality. Only in such small towns still honor the tradition and try to reduce the budget to profit in the absence of customers.
The film tells about life in a separate hotel, the owners of which practically kept it for their money. When the hotel passed into management from the grandmother to the granddaughter, some features of business were drawn. First the cook left. Apparently not satisfied with the salary. Then the ceiling was completely leaky and the hotel was already giving signs that it was time to make repairs. The owners flatter themselves with the idea that this is an old building in the town and that it should not be changed and repaired with such a bias that the appearance and interior will change for a moment. You can want to, but with a leaky roof, you still need to do something!:) Yes, and there is no cook, and the Manager has a lot of work. But Abby, the innkeeper's name, is a real optimist. She believes that everything will be fine and then in the store, she learns that the city will host a culinary shock and a prize of as much as 50 thousand dollars, which is just the same cherished amount that is not enough to repair the hotel and the business a little better. Abby decides to participate in such a show, although she does not know how to cook at all, but this will not stop her, because a lot of interesting things can happen on Christmas eve.
In order for Abby to do everything in life, the most famous chef in new York comes to the city in the wilderness to retire, he does not want to participate in any shows yet, and he did not know that this town will hold a show. But what Abby had done with the hotel's kitchen made the guy wary, as he was not used to the fact that there was a lot of smoke in the kitchen. Step by step, Abby and the cook find common ground, and it seems to me that everything can happen at Christmas, and by all means it should be something very positive and long-awaited. Deciding to participate in a competition of cooks or what not knowing how Abby goes to the guest of his hotel, to the guy, which the cooking industry almost rejected. After a short conversation, he still agrees to teach the girl the basics of culinary skills, but for this she needs to leave the hotel business for a while and start training somewhere where you can work on improving culinary skills in silence and in an embrace with products and pans.
The process of modeling a cool chef from a novice hotel Manager started a couple of minutes late, on the first day our student chef lost consciousness after seeing blood on his finger. Everything suggests that Abby is ambitious, but so far no more, and if she does not focus on what she wants, then she clearly will never become a cook. After getting her first homework assignment, Abby doesn't bother with learning skills, she only read a couple of pages and went to play cards over a Cup of tea. They played and laughed so loudly that our chef in prison even opened the doors themselves and he wanted to go down and find out what is so funny and most importantly who is at such a late time? It turned out that everything is not so bad and drinking tea with cookies in a circle of familiar people is not so bad, and most importantly, past resentments and various bad deeds are forgotten, which during the period of loneliness weigh like bricks on the neck and pull to the ground.
Lesson after lesson, Abby learned the art of cooking and at some stage realized that the chicken is cooked until it appears Golden brown. The training of the new contestant has reached the final stage and Abby is already ready to participate in the competition of chefs. Then, of COURSE, there were a lot of horseshoe intrigues, various culinary gossips, but in General, everything ended very positively. The cook who ran away to the backwoods to Abby and taught her cooking skills as a result, for the sake of winning a favorite student, refused to run a company with large incomes, but in order to be near Abby, he decided to get a job as a chef and earn another star of respect for the hotel. In the end, the magic of Christmas had its power, all the bad characters from the frame were gone, and the young ones were left in joy and together and at the same time in the ability of the class to cook culinary masterpieces. I advise you to watch this film, it is certainly far from the show "Hell's kitchen", but it does not strain, and gives a lot of positive.

A Christmas Recipe for Romance 2019

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