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Review of the movie, Look like me! 2020

Review of the movie, Look like me! 2020 The film is about how wealth met with madness, otherwise it is impossible to call the film briefly. The main character is a girl who is about to leave the orphanage and become a full-fledged member of society, but she has something to see with her head, she did not play with dolls as a child and now plays in an adult way irritating everyone around. Once she got on a bus and accidentally crashed it, so she had to run away from the orphanage. Along the way, the girl was waiting for adventures and a lot of interesting events, and probably the lion's share of this would not have been at all, if not for the rich "Pinocchio", which the girl picked up on the occasion.
Maxim is blind, his mother left him, he was raised by his father, Maxim did not need anything and in the process, as it turned out, just zazhralsya.
The acquaintance of two over-aged children tired of everyday life leads to the fact that they unite and run away somewhere in some Pink Bay, where they are waiting for happiness and adventure. Along the way, children learn to communicate, set their own rules. Maxim believes that it is impossible to leave him in any case, because he is blind. Olga, on the other hand, considers herself completely safe if Maxim is around and she doesn't care that he is blind. From some point on, the guys are just wonderful together, they are like water and fire, or like two poles of a magnet, attracted to each other with great force. Maxim has already been to an orphanage and communication with Olga will open his eyes to everything that is happening nearby, he will understand and appreciate his father. As a result, another couple in love will be born, this is briefly for those who do not like to read long descriptions for films. I didn't decide to watch this movie right away,I just wasn't looking for anything that I wanted to watch at that time. I probably would have seen this movie on the big screen in a movie theater if it was going on there. How was it ever shown in cinemas, if no one really saw it there.
On the one hand, the audience praises the film "Serf", but does not pay attention to the tape "Look like me". The Comedy "Look like me" is a great movie, I really liked it, it's not an empty movie like "Streltsova" or "happy ending", this tape has a clear good meaning.
"Look like me" is probably one of the most interesting films of recent times, there are a lot of Russian comedies, but they all look kind of stupid, and this picture seems to have humor and meaning.
The storyline is not too rare, but with a similar theme shaft. For example, the movie "Reach to heaven" is also from this series. The Director did not just repeat the previously broadcast story, he shoved a huge emotional stuffing into it. The film was made with a soul, with a desire to create a good movie, this is evident from the first minute of viewing the tape.
The script is written in simple language. The girl runs away from the orphanage in what is the most invented journey. As a traveling companion, fate chose a rich, but blind guy for her. By a funny coincidence, the rich guy's father is again played by the same actor who played the rich major's father in the movie "Serf" - actor Alexander Samoylenko.
The whole film revolves around the game of actress Olga Turchak. She is quite good at playing positive roles, the film "Admirals of the district" and negative roles "Look like me". What happened advertises the usual family values, a lot of heartfelt and fun scenes. The Rostov region as it turns out is very large, it is so easy to get a ride by car even in one day. The film turned out to be excellent, I advise everyone to watch it, I think you will not waste time in vain.

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

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