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Scientists from Israel under laboratory conditions has created a compact black hole

Scientists from Israel under laboratory conditions has created a compact black hole Scientists from one of the science labs decided to create something similar to a Black hole in a normal experiment, that is to say the simulation of a black hole. The Director of the experiment Jeff Steinhauer what he created in a laboratory, has indirectly confirmed a physicist and expert on theories on black holes Stephen Hawking. If the news was a dud, the Agency "si EN EN", neither of which would be in this direction is not written. Was created a sonic black hole, though she would black hole and the sound from it should not run out, in fact the hole is not completely "black" part of the acoustic wave still breaks out.
As it turned out, a gifted physicist in the laboratory single-handedly created such a likeness of a Black hole. Working in a completely different direction, a physicist once remarked that the atoms gained speed just great, everything is in a Black hole, but in miniature.
Something like that, but far from what could be called a simulation of a black hole, a physicist has created in 2009. Over the past 7 years, the scientist has made significant progress in their experiment, and already uses a system of cooling atoms to the lowest temperature would be obtained as a flow of Bose Einstein (original broth). This stream is dispersed and allowed into the flask with high vacuum and at this stage, and the birth of a black hole in miniature. Incoming Bose Einstein "frozen" atoms are irradiated with a blue laser and this leads to the formation of the phenomenon.
To visualize is to use more visual things, if the flow of Bose Einstein is a river of cold water. At the initial stage the river has a low speed, then along the way there is a waterfall, and then the speed is greatly increased so that this part of the channel becomes a region of a black hole. Stream flying with such speed that all that there is, everyone enjoys in the course of the falling water.
The great theorist of the West in the field of Black holes, which did not see them, but only of them wants yet or anything intelligible in the subject is not expressed. The very same Israeli scientist is clearly something created, something that maybe somewhat like the manifestations of a Black hole, but not her. Scientist creates in his laboratory analogue of a black hole and study everything that happens to her, the machine started already 4 thousand times! Created more than 4 thousand black holes laboratory filling:)

That"s how black holes are created in the lab!

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