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Telepathy Telepathy tehnocenoza

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Sample essays :: Philosophy notion to matters.

1. Moral aspect of SCNT

I think that Pense doesn't give a convincing response to the potential problem of social adaptation and possible trouble psychic identity of the cloned children. We can not dare to predict the social reactions and possible tragic consequences it can cause. We don't full know about the impact of cloning on the thin structures. Animal cloning gives us an idea only about physical characteristics of the clone and we can not penetrate psychic and mental consequences of cloning yet. Possible problems with parents, if a child is an exact copy of one of the partners can't also be neglected. Cloning is definitely a new word in science. I do agree that some of the arguments, given by Pense make sense and that cloning can be used as a method of human reproduction. I also admit that it can open wide perspectives for the whole humanity and can serve us a good service. I only don't want too urgent conclusions and not well considered actions to bring an irremediable harm and don't want human life and health to be the cost of the experiments. I agree that we shouldn't exaggerate the fears of the unknown, such as cloning, for example, but I also don't want the dangers to be underestimated.

2. Hobbesian man as self- interested, rationally calculating actor


...Hobbes has some special attitude to the future, for him "the knowledge of consequences" is just a science, which is supposed to bring some kind of reliable knowledge of the future and helps to overcome the faults of human judgment. But this idea of him is not plausible in the physical sciences. The way to Hobbes's philosophy could be the understanding of his idea of human motivation. Some interpreters presented the Hobbesian man as self- interested, rationally calculating actor. It was common for the readers to become convinced that he believes that we are all basically selfish, it was also due to his rather shocking claims, which he liked to use, like for example: " I obtained two absolutely certain postulates of human nature" Ц he says, " one, the postulate of human greed by which each man insists upon his own private use of common property; the other, the postulate of natural reason, by which each man strives to avoid violent death" Ц the meaning of it is rather simple Ц everybody wants to get all he can and everybody wants to avoid death. But we can not deny that his view is not absolutely correct as people are also able to do some altruistic deeds, even against their interests. According to Hobbes human being are sophisticated machines, the functions of which can be explained in mechanistic terms. But we should not forget that there are difficult processes operating in human's nervous system. The scheme of motivation by Hobbes is the following: some specific desires appear within the human body, which are considered uncomfortable and are to be overcome, thus the will of a person is determined by the strongest present desire. So such terms as "good" and "bad" serve only to describe our appetites. The author tackles the question of adult-children-relations in the same way. He states, that the adults care for their children, only because they have their own self-interest, i.d. they become the recipients of a strong sense of obligation that helps them to survive rather than

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Fundamental bases of the study tehnocenoza
1) With standpoint of the following applied description of the key subsystem (the determinant, finder, single function) to technical reality tehnocenoza big importance has a comprehension fundamental ?????, as which we, remaining within the framework of modern scientific tradition, first of all, consider the general laws first and the second begin thermodynamicses. Herewith important is not only and not so much idle times spreading began t...
Telepathy - communication from the past to the future
While scientists do not know the principle of communication called Telepathy, some argue that due to some unknown force humanity is capable of to exchange ideas regardless of the obstacles and distances. With high probability, communication is done through a exchange of energies, probably is the energy of creation, since it allows you to do such miracles. Eastern sages believe that this creative energy is the basis for all elements of the peri...
Telepathy - to communicate with a huge library of knowledge
Recently again I came across in a network the subject of telepathy, I don`t know what to do with it, because neither of which really do not understand, but if you think in line with the fact that nothing in this life happens by chance, then I probably will still read books from this area, and there`s how it goes. What can come of that I will start to study, say, science, which will allow me for example to open the third eye. To see at large dis...
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