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Telepathy - to communicate with a huge library of knowledge

Telepathy - to communicate with a huge library of knowledge Recently again I came across in a network the subject of telepathy, I don`t know what to do with it, because neither of which really do not understand, but if you think in line with the fact that nothing in this life happens by chance, then I probably will still read books from this area, and there`s how it goes.
What can come of that I will start to study, say, science, which will allow me for example to open the third eye. To see at large distances is at least super cool, although in this case, what actually go somewhere, and so if you are sitting at home know everything about everybody?
Reasoning to oppose.. And who actually makes you think about your relatives and friends to whom you can reach? I think you need to think about what you think could before due to the fact that there is or that most cherished place you would not when in real life did not get:)
Even the view of the interested area on YouTube do not publish all probably because the topic is closed or no one knows the answer to your previous question. And when you suddenly open the inner eye, you will easily get mentally even in the center of a nuclear reactor and you will look at how the process of nuclear fusion.
This is as if the connection of the future, it can be and in the past worked on the same principle, but we are still talking about it I can only guess. For the opportunity to communicate telepathic way answers the pineal gland. This organ is unique, with it years of accumulated calcium and completely loses its real function in the human body.
But if from childhood to engage in special practices on the development of their abilities, without any difficulty you will let solovinoj hardware to be operational and to develop their working potential. At some stage you will clearly see, and when we fucked the first experience of telepathy, it is not when won`t forget it or when do not forget to use in life.
It`s very simple, you need only give his passion a couple of hours a day, the more that you especially what not to do. Lie down comfortably and think about a certain place on the planet Earth, wanting to go there and see with your own eyes. The day will pass, two will pass, year pass, three pass and at some point you will be visited by inspiration, waiting for you Wake, you will see everything lying on the couch in strikingly bright colors. You think all these tales of Vienna woods? Not at all, if everything was so neglected and with the influx of fabulous lies, perhaps hundreds of thousands of yogis in India practiced the direction of revival of a certain divine power, which they were allowed sitting in the Lotus position to travel not only on Land but also far beyond its borders.
If a large number of people that are practicing, and they have a mentor, I think that this coach will lead them to a much faster than you will without the help of a guru to achieve your goal of trying something in the field of mental energy to achieve. On the one hand this, but on the other hand is not quite all right.
In terms of acquiring knowledge over everything goes absolutely not as accepted in our mortal world. There you are struggling with the problem, day and year, and yet you choose it, the answer comes by itself, but over the years. So, if you are sure that you need to master telepathy in view of the fact that the multimedia smartphone is expensive, then start to practice Eastern philosophy and you will succeed. So it must be, otherwise simply can not be in principle.
If in search of knowledge you shoveled the entire Internet and there won`t be that interesting and you really need to know, that knowledge will be with you in a dream and waking up one morning you yourself will say, but I found the answers I had. They didn`t dream, you just learned to get where not everyone can give them. This is telepathy, and maybe a little different, it is to say and how to think. Below I have a video from YouTube adds, I think he will be in the topic, if you got here because of the topic of "Telepathy."

Naked Science - Telepathy

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