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Telepathy - communication from the past to the future

Telepathy - communication from the past to the future While scientists do not know the principle of communication called Telepathy, some argue that due to some unknown force humanity is capable of to exchange ideas regardless of the obstacles and distances. With high probability, communication is done through a exchange of energies, probably is the energy of creation, since it allows you to do such miracles.
Eastern sages believe that this creative energy is the basis for all elements of the periodic table, way in the very first version of this table, it is described as "Ether". Then this item is either a particle or a bundle of energy threw and forgot that it is not very right, since over the years, not being able to explain the principle of telepathy scientists back to the subject of the broadcast or the "energy of love". If you dive into this topic much deeper, than means a new science "Etherodynamics", it turns out that everything in the Universe is connected to this amazing energy. Probably in the time of Atlantis ordinary people saw this connection and used it to interact with the world. Later, more intelligent heads have called this connection between people with a simple word "Telepathy."
Now this link can see and use only those who believe in its existence and in the reality that every person would wish to master the technique of communication on the mental level of data exchange. Telepathy study for a long time, but the solution still further. Call it the phenomenon of when people this term recently coined philosophy Professor Meyer.
What Mayer has invested in such a thing as telepathy. It turns out this is not the only communication on the mental level, it is possible to convey their experiences, their feelings and even images of the surrounding world. It`s something that has no barriers, it`s something that being born in a biological computer called the brain, through what ports, and the network enters selectively in any brain anywhere in the Universe. Telepathy may be diverse, it can be both active and passive. Active this option, when you convey your thoughts and feelings somewhere to someone. And passive is when you at the reception and catch only the thoughts of those around you. Something of type of a conventional radio receiver, which rotate the handle of the tuning capacitor to drive the resonant circuit in resonance with the interested station. Cases recorded by scientists different. Have just read the thoughts on huge distances. There is something like hypnosis, but at great distances. And there is even a mutual telepathic communication between two individuals who are capable of such implementations in my head. Do not think that telepathy occurs only when someone wants it.
In nature, scientists record the cases of spontaneous telepathy, a at least once I felt in my head obsessive thoughts. Basically it seems that these amazing thoughts you and generate, but in fact all this information from different places, maybe even some Bank data or information field. Whatever you call it, still difficult to understand what and how and what processes cause the phenomenon of telepathy. Mostly telepathy arises spontaneously from trusted systems, that is two people who love each other or are linked by strong tribal force (the mother and daughter, Father and son).
Basically, if you don`t practice what Eastern teachings, telepathy occurs mostly at random, often in an unconscious state, just when you just a "hiccup" in thought or when I see some spontaneous pictures which previously even thought. One thing is clear, if you have affection, you have the greatest likelihood to test telepathy in their own skin.
If you want to develop this ability, you can start at any age. The development in this direction any way you will not hurt, but rather be allowed to live in the mortal world on a more comfortable level of communication. When you ever catch the thoughts of the interlocutor, you know, this positive experience you will never forget and in the future will use it more often with greater benefit to life. That telepathy can be taught to write everything, but methods for the implementation of such an upgrade for the brain yet. Everyone who came to the possibility of telepathic communication at times can`t even remember what they did to reach such heights in communication. Everything comes spontaneously, very often during a stressful situation or as a result of the cataclysm.
Believe in good and looking for a good and telepathy you`ll find, if you really need in this life:))

Best Scientific Evidence for Telepathy

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