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Sample essays :: Political science
Political science

Victimless Crimes and Responses to Victimization.


...In 1982 the Sixth Amendment was recommended to include the rights of crime victims. The Task Force, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, concluded that: "The victims of crime have been transformed into a group oppressively burdened by a system designed to protect them." (Victims' Rights Amendment is All Wrong, by Dave Kopel and Elisabeth Semel, 1996. pp.2-4). And soon national crime victims' leaders started to investigate and examine the possibilities to implement these recommendations to the U.S. Constitution. They decided to create and organization, called Victims' Constitutional Amendment Network (Victims CAN). The goals of the victim advocates were usually as follows: increase the strength, permanence and enforceability of victims' rights. Speaking about strength they meant that the rights, which are guaranteed by Constitution are actually stronger that those assured by statutes. There's not a single law that can violate the Constitution. It would also be necessary for the public to be aware of these rights and not only people, who take part directly in the process at the court advocates, judges and prosecutors. When it became the Constitutional law almost every person knew about it and could name the main points of it. An important point seems to be the permanence of the victims' rights, the statues can be changed, but it is certainly not that easy to change the Constitution of a state. Enforceability is also guaranteed by including them into Constitution. Uniformity of the rights is the basis of their application irrespective of the location of crime. The matter of the victims' rights to be or not to be a part of Constitution is still a rather controversial question. Anybody in this world can at any time become a victim, so this question touches everybody either directly or potentially...

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The Ransom of the cars In condition of the world crisis much damaged the production which released and release relatively expensive but useful goods. The Car production just thereof list. In the world started to fall the salaries, their reduction told on purchasing power of the inhabitants in each country of the world nearly. But as is well known no money no and buying. CHtob to buy the machine it is necessary to collect not small amount of the ...
Quantum mechanics, a set of tricky theories
To be honest, I did not understand a thing from what modern science says about the electron. It is a part? Or is it? Why the electron does not behave predictable?Why is his behavior directly related to the observer? In General, there are more questions than answers, and no one has answers. The electron is the great deceiver!...
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  • Quantum mechanics, a set of tricky theories
  • Surges old auto and get new one
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