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Quantum mechanics, a set of tricky theories

Quantum mechanics, a set of tricky theories To be honest, I did not understand a thing from what modern science says about the electron. It is a part? Or is it? Why the electron does not behave predictable?Why is his behavior directly related to the observer? In General, there are more questions than answers, and no one has answers. The electron is the great deceiver!
If scientists are unable to explain something at this stage of the science, they are doing a rollback in those days, when according to science everything was simple and clear, to begin with all went to Antiquity, to Aristotle as it turns out, everything was clear. Aristotle reasoned that If the process what is happening, it means someone needs! If the water is liquid, then this is its property. If clouds float in the sky, it is their special property.
Aristotle how would I get it, he`s smart and talented, but the knowledge base it is not from our University. As for the more congenial physicist Max Planck, that he did with a fright has decided that there is allowed, and is prohibited of orbit of an electron and a he allegedly for any reason in any case not falling on an atom. I think it was just to explain the Plan apparently had read the works of Aristotle and came out with something similar, but in his repertoire. It was after the Strap a lot to say about how and in what direction the electrons are unable to fly? In any case, certainly learned a lot about this piece, but in fact did not close, but rather set up even more mystery surrounding the electron.
I personally have not read even once of the statements of scientists who claim to have seen flying electron in orbit around the nucleus of an atom. Can and flies, and can and not flies at all. By the way, here`s a physicist from Russia, and he seems to be the academician of Sciences and to lie not with his hands, talking about Ludwig Fadeev, once said that while that no one will not tell you, as an electron flying around an atom, even what he looks like. So far, everything has taken all the evidence without relying on the mathematical description of the earlier theory. Actually maybe not, there is not any nuclei in their orbits and do not fly any electrons, it can be much easier everyday. All appears and appears so only because it is watched with gaze of the observer:)) And if so,then all this motion of an electron is nothing more than a fantasy, it can be actually not. Everyone looks for who is looking for good the course is. Who does not know what are looking for, or what does not find and even not able to come up with something similar to the electron.
If you dig into the topic more deeply, it turns out that all the discoveries associated with the electron is born in the minds of scientists, they all sucked from the finger. In the 20th CENTURY, Louis de Broglie something of themselves in the topic, he added, he had potreboval with particles and describe them as he came up. According to him, photons and electrons is a two-faced particles, they are depending on a situation can be both a particle and a wave. They can have different properties. Coined and became "RUB it in" around the world such a here is a fairy tale. Read all and swallowed, so to speak authority, you will not trample until the Soviet physicist Lev Landau read this statement, his opinion made fun of this scientific opinion imposed his: "and the wave, and the particle-it is a hoax of workers!"
The most interesting in the fact that the planetary structure of the atom by Rutherford so far in the schools studied, but none of this structure is not seen and did not know about it from visual observation. With high probability this is nothing more than a fantasy of Rutherford and to move on in the knowledge that his arguments need at least to be revised.
Now science is not static, but does not make such loud statements, as did their scientists in 19 and 20 centuries.
About the electron for a time seemed to forget, began to explore deep space, black holes, that is to say the objects, which from the perspective of modern physics cannot exist, but their inquisitive mind created by finding and observations. May be we see not what is actually described and granted super gravity and threshold singularities. If you want to know more about Black holes, then watch the channel on YouTube "Katyushik TV". Pretty well-known physicist chewed many questions in fundamental physics, although the electron had not yet arrived, but sorry:)) It would be interesting, what is it about this monster thinking?
Watching something incomprehensible that someone called a Black hole, scientists are also faced with the quantum effect. After saw, began to wrestle with what is happening with the world? If a Black hole has such a force of gravity that no single particle or a single quantum of light can fly away from the surface, but in fact it takes off from the polar cap in different directions and not just a beam, but a huge stream of diverse particles. What is it then? Some people put up a theory, and others break it right there? All apparently rested his head against the wall and the most stubborn of the scientists, Max Planck apparently broke it:) he thought for a long time and came up with "Quantum mechanics", not quite of course completely science, but he began in the right direction.
If you are interested to learn more about how Max Planck broke through the wall, read his article "to the theory of the distribution of radiation energy in the normal spectrum." The most interesting thing in it lies in the constant "h"?! The scientist read his article on December 14, 1900, so from that day on the development of quantum physics begins. You knew about this? Probably not, either, until I read some of the science books. Read and learn, it is useful at least! Planck decided that the elementary particles radiate energy into the outer space and absorb energy from there in discrete portions, that is quanta. On the electron here as would all simply. As long as it is stable in orbit, it does not emit quantum of light. As soon as moves to a different orbit, and loses a quantum of light. For such approval, supposedly even for the discovery of Planck received the Nobel prize. The idea of the Planck, the quantum energy this is the "Planck Constant", it is precisely the constant itself is "h". This constant everywhere like in the business, and everywhere it is possible to refer to, it is everywhere, universal in deeds and works. With its help, it was possible to describe the events in the microcosm more accurately. Although to describe you, but who in essence didn`t believe at first because they were contrary to previously gained experience.
After 50 years or so, scientists figured out that the orbits and electrons and even quantum reality is not as common. Although it is not so, but the "locomotive" of science, who once ran a plank and pulls science somewhere in nowhere. The fact that Planck has given into the hands of modern science now dominates the minds of scientists not on the comic level. The forums, the conferences are held on quantum physics, then there is something there that will grow up and find. Everyone would like to know how the universe works, everyone wants to know what to know is simply not possible. In the beginning of the last century Poincare asked equation, which was solved only in this century, by the way, decided scientist from Russia. So, that is the one who will solve the equation Poincare, that in principle will be able to describe every object in the mathematical language, anything, even the very shape of the Universe.
Personally, I couldn`t tell or anything about the electron or quantum physics, I just like to read different articles on this topic and while analyzing them I did not understand in regard of our world and our consciousness. If the matter is so porous, if it can be so hard to shrink (if you shrink the Earth to nuclear density, it will be in the form of spheres with a size of 1 cm), then why can`t I walk through walls? What exactly prevents this?
Recently read a book by Bob Berman, it`s a pretty interesting book about the Universe and about everything connected with it. In this book, all the conclusions that I have previously cited based on historical notes of different times and peoples, are put upside down. I advise you to read the book of Bob Berman "how life creates the Universe?"I think you will fundamentally reconsider your view of fundamental science.
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