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Sample essays :: Social science
Social science

1. Problem of homeless people.

Our attitude to homeless people can measure the humanity and inhumanity of all people. We should understand that there is no difference between them and us. Elliot Liebow was the first one who claimed it to public. His own experience made him believe in this. Homeless women became part o his life, they drawn together. The result is his fascinating book. But these women were not part of his experiment, they were not the insects under a microscope. They lived their own life and Leibow made notes with their agreement. He shows these women as just human beings, who are not ugly and who are not perfect. He doesn't try to embellish the realty, his narration is very realistic and it's the main fascination of it. The realistic description make us believe in its credibility and make us think about our attitude to homeless women. Their subculture differs from ours, but their souls and hearts not. Homeless people usually avoid communication with well-provided people not because they despise them. They are just afraid of the feeling of coldness and apathy to them. So our main aim is to prove our good intentions and to learn more about their subculture.

2. The Place of Police in the State Structure.

Academics and sociologists also tried to analyse the the role of the police. They talk mostly about several roles, accumulated by police, examples are: "unquestionable use of force" this means that there should always be somebody among the rest of the people who plays the role of indisputable authority, another role is "information gathering" "although society has its national security agencies, nobody is better positioned in society, with the technology, with the know-how, and with the experience, to start collecting domestic information on citizens then they have a right to know." Another important sociological term is also applied to police "function" both intended and unintended. There are several police functions: Moral enforcement this is one of the oldest in police history law inforcement concerning morality issues; class control the fact is that usually rich people do not need the police service as they have their own security, police is of no use in helping the poor people, thus police could be cosidered a middle class institution; riot control this is the rule not to use the military forces agains the citizens of the country, usually this is exactly what police serves for; safety making sure that nothing bad happens; crime fighting - the most serious and the most sophisticated function. The description of the problem of state/federal law realations would be easier to start with examples. In the year of 1996 Edward Hanousek , who was a road master at the rail road company running from Alaska to Canada was convicted for "negligently discharging a harmful quantity of oil into the Skagway River, a U.S. waterway, in violation of the Clean Water Act..."


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TriVita is built around a business model that includes health and wellness products. Their approach is unique in the world of network marketing. TriVita offers many ways sto market your business on Google. The TriVita Cooperative Marketing business model offers the ability to buy existing customers within the database. These customers have come to TriVita through the numerous infomercials that are seen on the Trinity Broadcasting Network televis...
Definition of Power as a Social Phenomenon.
3. Definition of Power as a Social Phenomenon. (abstract) ...There are a lot of definitions of power. We will define it as an agent's ability to influence another agent, make him to follow his instructions, norms or directions. "In organizations", states Etzioni "enforcing the collectivity norms is likely to be a condition determining the powerholder's access to the means of power." (Etzioni) Etzioni has defined three types of power in his...
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