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Sell the corn not on 1.5 $ for is swung , but although on five.

Sell the corn not on 1.5 $ for is swung , but although on five. We Go to Cream to repose and as a rule carry heap of the money with itself. We Hide them a little farther, ???? did not disappear and this it is correct. What states the public wisdom will further place will closer take. Without money on sea to do absolutely ?????? all only for money, on money all hold. Occasionly forms such impression that businessmans look the beggar in direct sense this word. give And all. give Me for my goods price in two times greater only therefore that sea close. Certainly understandable that all beside epidemic deathes with money, but me in the same way not understandable why I must pay in two times for boiled corn, than her(its) real cost. Beside us in Ukraine, as follows tradition formed in Cream, summer work, but all rest time spend the money. ? beside tourist on the contrary. But given article not in protection businessman businessmans from Cream, but sooner him reminder that to skin as "Nacked person" tourist does not follow. This looks like earnings on nonentities. Has Bought the corn on market on 50 cents for is swung, but on beach has sold on 1.5$ for is swung. Profit 300 percents. This not orderly, and business west works with profitability already from 4 percents in change from our price on seaside of the France and at heart country practically alike and you not allow monopoly services so simply sell on beach with markup in 300%.
Trade corn on beach in Feodosii

Beside us all possible. Lying down on beach I observed such picture. Constantly carry the corn three women on 1.5$ for is swung. Sale beside them not so much, but they are enough. This well that they are enough, but where care about reposing? Where hospitality crimean. No this already long ago, in Krymu were settled one chiselers tourist consider for ??????????? Buratin, which possible untwist on ??????. So here is once upon a time appeared the boy with pail of the corn sold he her(it) on five roubles for is swung, profit beside it nearly 80 percents. And has sold its not for the whole day, but for one passage that is to say for 20 minutes. And has afterwards left, but appeared again with pail of the corn, after three evenings when on beach much folk. And has again sold for 20 minutes all pail and has left. I to that all you crimean salesmen on beach write this, yes to that that money are done quicker, when and buyer complacent and seller in profit. But majority of your brother thinks about its profit only, this probably and there is main reason that much became to go on rest anywhere but not in FEODOSIYU or in Cream in general. For money which I have spent in Krymu and has reposed badly, I have conducted 14 days in Egypt or 10 days in Turcii, but in splendid calve where all are included. Cost(stand)s be probably conceived why so occurs and take corresponding to measures otherwise many tourists either as I in the following season eat to repose in Turciyu, Egypt or anywhere but, not in its native Cream!
But that about money which carry with itself, that better keeps them on card Privat Bank. Beside given bank the most stable reputation and the most broad network automaton on the whole world where possible remove the cash. I have solved for your comfort to do the selection of the addresses on which in Cream cost the Privat bank. The Ingenious rest.
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