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Essay on the topic - "Distant and at the same time very close space"

Essay on the topic - And so, usually different thoughts visit the body at the moment of relaxation, at the moment of complete relaxation, what does your mind get the most at such moments? Probably this is not the boss at work, hardly anyone will remember about him in such fabulous moments. Or could it be something you're waiting for? Perhaps, but why do you need it at such moments, if you already know that this thing or something important will be with you… Usually in a relaxed state, when the brain is not overloaded with external influences, we think about what we can neither understand nor mentally grasp. We think about the eternal, about the cosmos, about its size, about what is there in the distance, what is there as far away as one could imagine???
And the most interesting thing is that when you often think about space topics in the evenings, you also start to dream about space in your dreams and everything is much more interesting there, it can happen that you just Wake up a completely new person. Such science fiction writers as Jules Verne or Asimov, not from the Bay of barakhta began to write fiction, it all started with the very relaxation and dreams on the theme of distant space. The attempt to understand the not understandable in the end leads to a completely surprising consequences. We dream about one thing, but in the end we get something else and at the same time we are fabulously happy that this happened to you. The system, the cosmos, and we are not in it for nothing, we are part of something big, something that lives forever and is constantly changing. I would probably say this... a Person is a cell, but the body is clearly not possible to comprehend, because it is difficult to even imagine what kind of system it is and what it is in its own way.
Now lying on the lawn on a summer August night, for some reason I thought that the world probably no one will ever comprehend in full, because at every stage there is something very small and visible and something very large and by a strange coincidence completely invisible. It would seem that this is something that seems very large and at the same time not visible… This is what is called the cosmos, we do not see it entirely from a to z, we always see only a part of it, but if you imagine that we are so big that we see the entire expected cosmos,then you still will not see the entire cosmic neighborhood. Why? And all this is probably only because we are growing and the cosmos is growing. At the level of humanity, the cosmos seems like this, when a person becomes, for example, a field or something similar, which may well be a kind of leap in evolution for protein life in about twelve years with a lot of zeros after the point… To see space as a system, you first need to leave it and look at it from the outside. When we leave the space system, it seems to me that we will find ourselves in the same space, but with much larger objects. Space in my opinion is a kind of matryoshka doll, in one very grandiose objects are embedded in the form of certain cosmic worlds. And apparently such a complex matryoshka doll has no end and no end, and if we assume that it is only in three dimensions, and if we add one dimension, then two, and as to infinity, then there may be simply indescribably many worlds and all of them will be incomprehensibly large for their audience, as for me on this August night the surrounding space.
If we talk about space, then we must understand that we are basically lying on some large napkin on the dashboard of some grandiose microscope and someone's inquisitive eye and mind is trying to consider us with you. We, in turn, also consider microbes and so probably indefinitely...
I look at the sky, talk to the smartphone in which Bixby records everything and think, where did the aliens find shelter in my thoughts* What part of space do they live in? Why can't I see them in the night sky, because they don't stop us from showing up for the occasion. And here's what came to mind first ...
Probably UFOs and all sorts of aliens do not live in our space, they live clearly somewhere, but not in our certainly. Because the thoughts in my head on this topic are too tight, and high-level man-made civilizations would have settled all the galaxies in 13 billion years and taken all the minerals to the landfill of life.. Or maybe everything is wrong, maybe you should add another constant to the reasoning? Add another dimension to the example, and then everything becomes clear, it becomes clear why I don't see UFOs in the night sky. Why do not many people see extraterrestrials, and if they do, it feels like someone is playing movies for us half-wits in the form of fairy tales about other worlds:))) Nonsense.. BUT I would also like to see such a fairy tale in the night sky, maybe participate in it as a passenger on a "plate". Everything, my eyes close and I fall asleep, and my thoughts continue to surf the neighborhood of space and look for answers to questions in every corner....

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