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Our writers’ team consists of professionals, specialized in different fields of science. Most of them have at least Master's Degrees in English Language, Literature, Science, Arts, etc. They will do their best, to write a term paper exclusively for you, using up to date sources, proper citation style and following all your guidelines. In addition, our editors proofread the paper before it gets to you. We use antiplagiarism software to check up every custom essay, term paper, report or revision before it gets to you.

Samantha, one of our first authors, shares her experience

Interviewer: How long have you been writing for essay-shop.com?
Samantha: I’ve been working for essay-shop.com since the year it was founded.

I: Why did you decide to become a writer?
S: I made this choice many years ago when decided to take my degree in English Philology. Later I received Diploma in Newspaper Journalism. This way my hobby became my profession that I enjoy.

I: What qualities help you to be a good writer?
S: I am willing to contribute positively to whatever task or project I am involved. My work is accurate and I am always punctual and reliable.

I: I know you had worked for other custom essay writing services before you came to us. Is there any difference?
S: Well, what I really like here is the narrow specialization. Each author receives only essays on the fields of science he’s chosen while applying for this work. Moreover, I can always refuse from the work I’m not fully competent in. In this case the essay will be passed to the writer, more competent in the topic chosen.

I: What a strange career move – going from being a teacher of English to writing… What caused such a great change?
S: In reality the change wasn’t a surprise for people who knew me. I always wanted to have a possibility to write. Such a career change gave me a wonderful opportunity – to combine my hobby and professional activity.

Here is the piece of an interview with one of our writers – Tom

Interviewer: Do you consider custom writing to be a difficult type of work?
Tom: I am a dedicated writer who thoroughly enjoys the writing process. You can be certain the final product will be a flawless, stylish work with the appropriate stylistic nuances.

I: You are an experienced writer. Would you advise us some secrets, which make a good writing?
T: It is crucial to be familiar with the topic prior to starting the writing. I find that a challenge and I make it a practice to investigate controversial issues.

I: Can writing be boring sometimes? Especially when the works repeat?
T: not for me! Even if the topic repeats I find new aspects every time I start writing. It’s strange, but even if you write the same assignment for several times, the essays will be completely different.

I: Don’t you think that getting ready essays, students lose the part of their knowledge?
T: No, I don’t think so. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing papers if I had even the smallest hesitations, concerning this moral issue. Visa verse, I believe that getting a perfectly written custom paper and thoroughly selected material, a student can get better knowledge and deeper understanding of the subject. In addition, time saved with the help of our service gives more opportunities for studying and investigating.

  • 275 words per page
  • Premium Quality
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Timely Delivery
  • 100% Plagiarism Protection
  • Never! Resold
  • Free Formatting
  • Free Title Page
  • Free Bibliography Page
  • Free Table of Contents
  • 7 days - $12.95 per page
  • 4 days - $15.95 per page
  • 48 hours - $20.95 per page
  • 24 hours - $25.95 per page

  • Hi, thank you very much for the work that you did for me, I really liked the style of the writer and all the facts were presented in the concrete and precise form, it was absolutely not difficult to cope with huge amount of information for the topic!

    Leo, USA

  • My friend told me about this service, at the beginning I didn't want to try it, but when the paper was really urgent, I asked for help here and I received my paper just in time not to fail the exam. Thank you, sorry, don't know the name of the writer.

    Patrick, USA

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