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Review pheodosia
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Feodosiya is a pearl in Crimean peninsula. Alenki Tkachenko Blog
Pheodosia - calm comfortable and calm borough in south-east part Kryma, does not yield on beauty and comfort other resort places on peninsula, but amazing climate and comfort of the location do this place suitable for rest of a thousands of the people. Popularity city will add the interesting places, which follows to visit without fall. In city created their own linens an artist Ayvazovskiy, wrote the masterpieces Green and many other talents. T...
Pages to histories of the settlings in region Feodosii
Page of History The First settlings of the people beside 10000 YEARS appeared on place modern Feodosii back, in epoch neolit. On multiple parking the primitive people in vicinity of the city, are discovered silicon ferrules for darts and mines, stone incisor, scraper and other instruments of the labour. At the first millennium before our era in this region dwelt the tribes an kimmrrithian, scythian, brand. In scythian burial mound in vicinity F...
Cafa is the centre of slave trades and the reinforced city Europe
On slave market Cafa was sold in servitude storied Ukrainian Roksolana, became wafe of the turkish sultan Suleymana Splendid and one of most influential of the womans in history. From 13 to 15 ages the Cafa was a city to slave trades. A sad known slave market Kan was On the whole Europe. Ed many documenting witnessing that slaves (alive goods) was shown main by goods for Warriors . After Konstantinopolya had falen in (1453) and ruins Vizanti...
Development of Feodosii in 19 age
The Development of Feodosii in 19 ages. At the Begining of 19 ages to representatives quotient capital build the splendid villas along seeshore. Many of them and presently decorate the town landscapes. At years of the civil war 1919-1920 city several times went from hand in hands. The Last parts to white army has abandoned the city on November 17 1920. In city definitively was fixed the soviet power turned by mass executing by a firing squad of ...
Museum of the great writer Mariny Cvetaevoy
Pheodosia Museum of Cvetaevyh. As I already wrote, Pheodosia is the place for writer and artist where comes the inspiration. In quest of muses in Pheodosiy seaward and have in due course arrived the sisters Cvetaevy. Probably lying down on sand beach wrote here many loved whole world of the line. In memory about this grateful inhabitants Feodosii created the museum Marie and Anastasii Cvetaevyh. The Main subject to exposures in museum is dedicat...
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