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Feodosiya is a pearl in Crimean peninsula. Alenki Tkachenko Blog

Feodosiya  is a pearl in Crimean peninsula. Alenki Tkachenko Blog Pheodosia - calm comfortable and calm borough in south-east part Kryma, does not yield on beauty and comfort other resort places on peninsula, but amazing climate and comfort of the location do this place suitable for rest of a thousands of the people. Popularity city will add the interesting places, which follows to visit without fall. In city created their own linens an artist Ayvazovskiy, wrote the masterpieces Green and many other talents. The Sandy beaches spread as aside region Ayvazovskoe, so and aside Cape Saint Ilii.

Picturesque vicinities Feodosii and splendid seascape attract in city of the amateurs to poetries and romantiki. in past and before last age for inspiration here arrived many known writers, artists and poets. On ancient small street of the city at different years walked Pushkin, Czech, Griboedov, Ayvazovskiy, Czech, Green, Voloshin, Paustovskiy, Cvetaeva. With name Feodosii is bound much legends and giving. The City possessing unique multinational historian, in the same way is an object pilgrimage representatives different religious confess. One word no such person, who Feodosiya has left indifferent. Each will find here rest and pleasure on sebe.
 museum Grina

Feodosiya this city with population over 108 thousand people (given since 2001) was situated beside foots of the mountains on seaside broad Feodosiyskogo bay and on declivity and eminence to You -Both (more than 300 metres on sea level), this majestic mountain closes the city with southeast. This eminence on essences extremity main Crimean mountains. With west mountain Bald towers on city. On northeast from Feodosii is located extensive crimean steppe. All this has influenced upon climate of the city, he sparingly-warm with hot and arid summer (the average temperature at year term 24 degrees of the heat). The Winter in this region with more cool weather, than in the south Kryma (the average temperature in winter 3 degrees of the heat). That ??????? solar days that Feodosiya overtakes upon their average amount per annum even YAltu. The Sea in bay warms up vastly quicker and already in middle of the June water has a temperature 24 degrees, but bathe possible since May on October. The Air simply beautiful, breathe easy, average moisture 50-60%. Usually in the morning sunny and dryly, after dinner dull and not hot, but to evening goes dozhdik.
Coast of Pheodosia sea Pheodosia port  Pheodosia sea

???????? is glorified their own mineral water and medical dirt. Water Feodosiyskaya (the Pasha-Tepe), ?????????????? in 1916 on exhibition in Belgium. Has Got there greater gold(en) medal, as the best medical water in Europe. The most high quality and useful dirt lake Adzhigoli. The Air, water, medical dirt do the city particularly popular resort revenge. Cures in pansion of the city practically all diseases of the intestine tract, as well as nervious and circulatory system. In city three acting sanitarium, (one baby and two adult), more than 20 hotels and rest home, ten sanitary baby camps. All pansions resort, sanitary institutions are located not far from sea seaside and as a rule have their own plyazhi.
sandy beaches stretched On many kilometers, amongst which there is and equiped with town beaches, but in the same way place for wild rest and bathings. On 15 kilometers eastward Gold(en) beach stretched from city. Here located hotels, rest home and hostel Gold(en) Beach , to service reposing is equiped with stop for motor transport. The Known amongst tourist and pay beach Disco 117 . The Beach is found on 117 kilometers freeway Simferopoli-Kerchi. The City conditionally consists of two parts, new and old. Aging this nice museum under opened by sky with typical devil of the muddle ages. The New part occupies the east part of city, she appeared after appearance of the railway, at the end of the before last century. This is a coming alive part of city with the centre in Seaside park. This park for rest and appointments, excellent place for traveling on foot walks.
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