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The Saint Valley.

The Saint Valley. The Saint Valley. The Temples Ioanna Forerunners, Ioanna Theologian, Grigoriya and Stefana For east wall of the fortresses is found so named Saint Valley. This place tightly ????????? medieval temples, many from which well ed and otrestavrirovany.
 Saint Valley.

Built in 1348 church Saint Ioanna Forerunners reproduces the architectral forms armenian ?ult architectures 13 -14 ages. Consists of two parts: more old, square, which crowns the dome, and extended square-wave, separate pole on three oils, overlayed semicircular summery. The Interiors of the temple decorated bas-relief, central from which is a composition, expressing twelve apostles with saint Ion Forerunner and Nikolaem. Remainder of the carved ornament are seen In central part from two parallel belts. On legend, in church of Saint Ioanna Forerunners Afanasiy Nikitin exactly, come back in Tveri from journey in India, has ed the thanksgiving litany. There was this in 1472 godu.
church Saint Ioanna Predtechi

During turkish ??????????? temple came to decay and for a long time was empty while in 1858 local priest Nikolay Tregubov not fart has sanctified him(it) in memory Ivenskoy icons Bozhiey Full-grown. Here artist K. F. Bagaevskiy was crowned in 1906. The Known russian artist K. F. Bogaevskiy (1872 1943) with seeds of the years parted with pencil and hand. Being else teenager, he has taken itself for rule daily to work, search for the new forms and ways of the scene. The lessons took In adolescence artist beside its famous countryman I. K. Ayvazovskogo, several years later became one of the pupil A. I. Kuindzhi, teacher not on professions, but on vocation. Bagaevskiy has denoted the creative activity whole its life, at years of the First world war even, mobilized in worker mouth under Sevastopol, created the pictures in imagination, hardly having time to ??????????. The Romantic linen Bogaevskogo characteristic silence and harmony, internal lyrical centrality. After 1917 artist writes the industrial landscapes, trying go in leg since time , but on essences, pictures these Dneprostroy , City future - differ from crimean landscapes by only change the fortresses and s object construction. In 1943 life of the artist was tragically torn off, he was kill on Pheodosia market splinter of the projectile in time bombardirovki.
church Saint Ioanna Predtechi

After revolution church was locked and is returned believ only in 1996.
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