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Mosque of Nufty-Dgami

Mosque of Nufty-Dgami
Mosque of Nufty-Dgami
Mosque of Nufty-Dgami

In Feodosii on street named Lenin 6, is one of the monument of the moslem themes. This is building 17 ages. Its had built aproximately at period with 1623 to 1637, in that years in Krymu rules Sultan Murad-Khan 3. The Mosque reminds the mosques Istanbul, is created she in moslem stiletto. In that distant timeses of the Cafa was identified small Istanbul all were done on image and town resemblance, but not with grandiose range.
The Mosque very interesting building with standpoint of the architecture is executed much practical. The built stone reminds with type from but stoun and brick square 40 to 40 metres. Altar is found in south part of building with mihrab. Mihrab this is pointer of the direction to Mecca, given building inherent all moslem constructions. If not two tiers of the windows, that building more resembleed on abandoned storehouse, but so rather commanding looks at oneself, possible say that even beautifully on its. With top this square cover dome, in bottom of the dome is rims. Seems that dome rests upon drum, but drum on square from stone. There is several entries Beside temple, the main north gates, else west and east. There is output In west wall on internal balcony, which goes along the whole north wall, in the same way possible get on high minaret. The Minaret has made from simple limestone, but as ???????? and firmly building, simply marvel are given, as art could build the architects and builders to antiquities. As usually in minaret inwardly spiral staircase. The Minaret crowns the sharp cone-shaped dome-tent. The turkish relic metallic balls and crescent shows off On most top.
The Temple is sent in possession cue that from the regional museum, as follows carved cast-iron pillars on which is installed bypass balcony of the minaret. The painting of the seventeenth age else ed In temple. In not mediocre vicinity from mosque earlier was a mausoleum, but he did not. The History beside mosques last two centuries very colorful, many had its building, catholic commune Feodosii, but after decay USSR temple became the acting moslem building in which conduct regularly services.
Mosque of Nufty-Dgami

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