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Genuez fortress.

Genuez fortress. Genuez fortress.
Towers Krisko, Klimenta 4 and Dock On quarantine hill are located remainder to medieval citadel, built in 14 ages people from Genoa. Made ashore bay fortress protected the east part of city on the part of epidemic deathes, but in the same way served the east winch Feodosii. In plan citadel forms itself wrong tetragon fortress sewer eleven metre heights, crowned by breastwork with loophole. The Length defensive sewer sostavlyaet 718 m. On perimeter of the fortresses was situated 14 tower. Beside epidemic deathes wall to citadels verged to medicine to be taken externally to town battlement extent over 5 kilometers, having 26 tower. From 4 winches, leading not in citadel so-so, before our days in dilapidated condition ed only one. Depending on locations and integer they could be round and square, have two or three tiers, three or four walls. The Wall and towers to citadels built from limestone on lime solution, seams between plate carefully zapped. Inwardly fortresses were found not ed to date lock of the consul, residence latin bishop, courthouse with balcony for tell consular resolutions, treasury, syllables and shops valuable goods jewels, fur, silk. After joining Kryma to Russia nearly all wall and towers external dribble were parsed. Completely ed only two towers Krisko (Hrista) and Klimenta 4 with adjoining wall, as well as pylons greater gate.
Tower Krisko, on which in 1381 were installed first in east Europe tower watch, being fastening the average part east wall. This two floors tower of the open type has three walls and was increased tine merlans, barriered combat platform of the upper tier. With south and north sides to tower verge steny.
Genues fortress.
Having square-wave base three floors tower of the pope(pa) Klimenta 4 is named in his(its) honour to in token thanks for help, rendered by him in fortification of the citadels. This tower important section in the defence of the fortresses had an no entry with the land: in it possible was get only through receiving the first floors, residing at a rate of combat platform sewer. Was situated in south corner of the citadels. Her(its) north corner is opened in inside fortress sewer. The Function to towers was reduced to protection greater winch guiding to citadel of the wicket. This angular tower is built with such calculation to with it possible was send the kernel in all directions that did the wall this place protected.
In west part wall to towers possible to see the niche, in which no time was made marble plate with inscription about time construction: In summer Gospodne 1348 at day of the eighth month of the May, when was gift to a favour Klimentom pope(pa), for exalting the cross was built this tower. Begin its has got, founded under protection of the Jesus, she all cruel on doom, Almighty god on glory. The Consul was then Ermirio Mondini, which verily managed the Christ. Yes protects the God this tower, baud by name Which she will always be safe, you presently glorify His(its) . Now this mortage plate is exhibited in Feodosiyskom museum .
In both tower were saved jack for keeping wooden overlappings of the beems. In the first tier tower Krisko and Klimenta 4 were situated the loopholes, in upper window embrasures. Neither internal stairways, nor floorings tier tower were bolted capital. In the event of seizure of the towers they without labour understood, disturbing enemy to lead deystviya.
Genuez fortress.
Ashore epidemic deathes ed the rubble massive Port`s tower. From square-wave two floors in plan to towers wall went along epidemic deathes. The Lower tier on the part of land is brought forth and has an arched opening for winch, which on the part of epidemic deathes mortgaged. Stone plate is consolidated On east wall with carved blazon Genuez consul. Obviously that functions to towers were not limited military purpose. They Probably were here built and were repaired naves, possible in the same way that was here kept some part nave arsenal Cafs shipyard. Washed by sea, tower continues to stand on such unreliable soil, as sand, already for a long time. Her(its) stability is explained by special device of the basis it is complitly filled by clay which, having clamped whole building from below, has reported her effect poplavka.

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