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Pages to histories of the settlings in region Feodosii

Pages to histories of the settlings in region Feodosii Page of History
The First settlings of the people beside 10000 YEARS appeared on place modern Feodosii back, in epoch neolit. On multiple parking the primitive people in vicinity of the city, are discovered silicon ferrules for darts and mines, stone incisor, scraper and other instruments of the labour. At the first millennium before our era in this region dwelt the tribes an kimmrrithian, scythian, brand. In scythian burial mound in vicinity Feodosii discovered traces of the material culture this plemeni.
kimmrrithian gold

In the fourth age before our era merchant from greek city Mileta found ashore picturesque bay trade trading post, which and name Feodosiya (if translate with greek that this word signifies: God given ). Enough soon trading post changed in typical greek policy, adjusted economic and political relationship with living on proximity barbarian and rest world. Already the authority gains in this time city on international arene.
In 355 before our era as a result rather long fight Feodosiyu has seized barbarian ruler Levkon I whereupon city became the most most important bread of Bosporskogo kindom, town port second on value after stolichny. This time is characterized economic and cultural prosperity of the city, durin around 3 year.
greek city-colonies in antique epohu

decay greek colony began With loss of world importance Athens in Krymu. In the first age before our era Feodosiya moves over to subservience Rome. The City outlives not best timeses since Rim prefer to develop other colonies. In epoch of the great transmigration folk antique FEODOSIYA not one-shot was subjected to the hold up a nomad. In total at the end of the fourth age before our era city was ruined and is robbed by tribes hun. In the following century life here hardly flickered though small ???????? settling Ardabda all suschestvovalo.
At the end 6-go at the beginning initially 8-go age on peninsula invade hazar with the result that many christian settlings simply disappear. Hazary also seize and Ardabdu. At period with 11-go on 14 ages occurred the mass transmigration armanian on peninsula. Most big their concourse their was in region between present Feodosiey and Pike perch, Belogorskom and Old Krymom. Up to thirteenth age while city have not possessed tatary, Feodosiya was a byzantine city, life of the settling in this period was in upadke.
In thirteenth age on sea dominated Genuezcy, but on land Tatary. In 1223 territory Feodosii was included in crimean ulusa Gold(en) Horde. In the second half of the thirteenth age genuez merchant have bought beside ????? piece of land in Pheodosia to bay and have founded there its trading post, having given by her name of the C&f. Genuezcy town own in current two centuries have during which time done his(its) administrative, trade and supporting item of their own extensive crimean possessions.
In Average ages Kafa > was a main trade port North Prichernomoriya, through she went the way on west and orient, had its mint, engraved bilingual money, on latin and tatar languages. In middle 15 ages in city was already order 20000 houses and approximately 80 thousand inhabitants, approximately so much how much and at present lives in Feodosii. Genuez Themselves was in city beside a thousand of the people. This was a multinational city, differed by religious simplicity and abudance of the different religious buildings. ZHilischa and streets were decorated statue and fountain, in city worked the pluming. Its architectral look of the C&f did not yield the leadinging european city. In that time in city numbered 44 armenian and 18 catholic churches, 56 moslem mosques, were and russian, greek cerkvi.
church in Feodosii

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