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Cafa is the centre of slave trades and the reinforced city Europe

Cafa is the centre of slave trades and the reinforced city   Europe On slave market Cafa was sold in servitude storied Ukrainian Roksolana, became wafe of the turkish sultan Suleymana Splendid and one of most influential of the womans in history.
From 13 to 15 ages the Cafa was a city to slave trades. A sad known slave market Kan was On the whole Europe. Ed many documenting witnessing that slaves (alive goods) was shown main by goods for Warriors .
After Konstantinopolya had falen in (1453) and ruins Vizantii city became to lose its power. In 1475 Cafa have possessed the turk and named her(it) as Kefe. Emphasizing importance of this city turk often named Kefe Kuchuk-Istanbul or simply Small Istanbul. Here residence of the sultanate was found in Krymu, was situated the large military garrison. The Turk have thoroughly reconstructed the city on its manners, have decorated his(its) mosque, minaret by buildings east bath. The forays made Together with that turk on YUzhnorusskie city and fortifications. Russian repeatedly used the measures to destroy attacks of the barbarous manifestations. Several military marches were made in timeses of the rule Ivana Awesome (1556-1559). The Greater role in fight against Turk have played the Zaporozhie cossacks. In 1616 cossacks under leadership getman Sagaydachnogo have possessed Sinopom and Trapesundom, but in Kefe have destroyed the turkish fleet. In 1667 this has realized the troop under command I.SIRKO. In 1771 city was will take the troops under command of the prince Dolgorukogo. In 1783 Cream was joined to Russian empire, but year after city has returned his(its) former name. In 1787 Feodosia on rights of the district city was included in Tavricheskoy gubernii.
Only at the end of the 19 ages after branch line was laid from Dzhankoya and is terminated construction Feodosiyskogo port, Feodosiya became to change in large trade city, through which was basically exported crimean wheat
Bilding of the Feodosiyskogo porta

The oil storage tank erected In mouth yard Baybugu brother Nobel in which oil got through Feodosiyskogo port. In city has earned the ironworks, three tobacco factories, brick and tile plants, pastry shop factory and much other enterprises. Developping Feodosiya lost its splendid old-time type, was inflicted not remediable harm to old-time buildings, particularly medieval fortress, which buildings understood and were used as the building material. In that years completely to disappeared the sea facade of the city, were completely parsed battlement and nearly disappeared the turkish bastion beside towers Saint Konstantina. The most powerful fortress in Europe was ruined without united shot. Disappeared and many cultural buildings, in their count;calculate;list splendid mosque Sulimana, built in 16 ages, and the main turkish bank. On place was made cathedrals Alexander Nevsky, which was in turn wiped with person of the land at soviet years, either as one of the ancient church of the city - temple saint Mihaila Arhangela.
church Kazanskoy icons ?????? materi

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