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Museum of the great writer Mariny Cvetaevoy

Museum of the great writer Mariny Cvetaevoy Pheodosia Museum of Cvetaevyh.
Pheodosia Museum of Cvetaevyh

As I already wrote, Pheodosia is the place for writer and artist where comes the inspiration. In quest of muses in Pheodosiy seaward and have in due course arrived the sisters Cvetaevy. Probably lying down on sand beach wrote here many loved whole world of the line. In memory about this grateful inhabitants Feodosii created the museum Marie and Anastasii Cvetaevyh. The Main subject to exposures in museum is dedicated to one year to their lifes famous writer which she with its husband Sergeem and daughter Annoy has conducted in our city. This was a period between 1913-1914. Marina Cvetaeva great russian poetess has left in its memories only good memory about called on time in Feodosii. In general life her(its) was saturated, glad but short, live her fated was whole 49 years and in 1941 she has died.

Cream for writwr became verily portentous revenge, once upon a time having arrived in guests in Koktebeli to its friend Max Voloshinu she has found its love, its future husband Sergeya Efrona. He at that first moment their acquaintance was whole only 17 years old.
Pheodosia Museum of Cvetaevyh

Have arrived in Cream Marina with husband, daughter and sister in 1913 once again. Reposed they in Koktebele, but already under autumn scrambled over in itself Pheodosiy took for residence two rooms in datcha Redlihov, after one whole year all family newly came back for Moscow. Stood the rainy autumn 1914 and Marina with sadness recalled the year organized in Feodosii among friends. She is much time conducted in circle M. A. Voloshina and K.F. Latri. The Period to lifes Cvetaevoy in Feodosii nowhere near was not a period of the lull in her creative life. In that distant timeses much were a popular district literary evening, where Marina read their own poetry but bagel their greeted on yahoo! The Whole once else Cvetaevoy to manage to visit in Krymu, and this happened summer 1915. All probably saw the old-time building a museum Grina, so here is workmans of the building museum Grina and creative people of the city were creators to ideas, but in consequence and its entailments in real project, house museum Cvetaevyh. On the first time museum Cvetaevoy was based in common-room museum Grina.
Pheodosia Museum of Cvetaevyh

That possible to see and on that follows to turn your glance at the journals, books, pictures, photographies, the documents, about crimean literary period of the lifes and creative activity Mariny Cvetaevoy.
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