Blog 01111715 - Essay-shop. Articles on all the manner of subjects Copyright 2007, ESSAY-SHOP Articles on all the manner of subjects The probe New Horizon is approaching a strange red object in Space The NASA probe sent several years ago in deep space on the way met a shapeless asteroid MU69 2016-11-02 A software bug is causing the crash probe Schiaparelli As it turns out one of the reasons for the fall of the probe on the surface of Mars may be a software glitch a fatal error in the software 2016-11-02 When the first pottery get in Scientists there, there, even in such far[ the earths thicker find ceramic articles that describe and say something sensible about the period of creation very difficult. Science facts and believes it has repeatedly confirmed and been confirmed. Thi... 2013-11-01 Long ago in the vastness of Hungary lived freshwater dinosaurs Conducting excavations on the territory of Hungary, the researchers found the remains of prehistoric creatures. On the first assume this is what is left of the freshwater of the dinosaurs. Approximately 84 million years ago these monsters lived in a... 2013-11-01 Mexican archaeologists reported an unusual discovery In Mexico has managed to discover a unique artifacts of the ancient times. Found more than 500 ceramic fragments products, high-quality products of stone, which in the past were used in everyday life. All of these items or most of them were establis... 2013-11-01 The formation of the Himalayan mountains The Himalayas are located just at the junction of two tectonic plates between the South of Asia and its center. Length area of about 2400 km and width of 350km. The mountains here young and pointed their average height of about 6,000 meters. There a... 2013-11-01 London and the whole of England literally stands on the bones In England, now and then there are graves of the previous centuries. Recently during the construction of the new railway line workers after opening the layers of the earth has found the burial in which rested the 13 corpses, probably all sick with t... 2013-11-01 In Scotland found an old Yurt The fact that in Scotland in ancient times was inhabited by people this is a historical fact, but when exactly was inhabited by ancient people and when appeared in these fabulous places, as long as that information is little-known. Finding another s... 2013-11-01 Dinosaur Gripozavr who had 800 teeth On the American continent, scientists have discovered a mysterious creature, this is not a live sample and prehistoric fossils. Find such an interesting artifact on the lands of Utah. The characteristic feature of the findings is that a dinosaur de... 2013-11-01 When a person made the first of the axe Given the age of the finds, which scientists have found in Spain, our ancestors about 900000 years ago could already do stone axes and some tools. Analysis of detected tools says that about a million years ago a man was a pretty smart man and skills... 2013-11-01 America and Eurasia gradually turn into the North pole The fact that the Earth is gradually grows and expands, it is a known fact. The matter is taken from the air, there is a gradual flow of ether, swelling of protons and as a result the earth is gradually increasing, but not for the ideal radius, and ... 2013-11-01 When were involved first stone tools Taking into account the accumulated experience in the study of primitive man and the opportunities they use all kinds of tools in everyday life, it is surprising conclusion. It turns out with the big share of probability that such here as in figure ... 2013-11-01