Blog 08031033 - Essay-shop. Articles on all the manner of subjects Copyright 2007, ESSAY-SHOP Articles on all the manner of subjects Essay Christmas in my family Everyone in my family loves Christmas, it is an expected holiday, a celebration of joy and the beginning of a new life 2020-09-28 Essay on the New year Autumn is in full swing, winter is still far away, but you think about gifts and the New year holiday more and more often 2020-09-28 The Spitzer telescope examined protostars in the constellation NGC 2264 The Spitzer telescope took a picture in the constellation NGC 2264, in the photo, young stars are shining brightly 2020-01-15 The space telescope launched on April 18, 2018 discovered the new warm Jupiter TOI-677b The $ 200 million telescope has started to pay for itself. we are talking about an Orbiter that was developed in the United States to study distant exoplanets. it was used to find the warm Jupiter TOI-677b 2020-01-15 That I liked in Kanchanaburi That I liked in Kanchanaburi If Could be in Tailande and particularly we liked stay in Konchanaburi. In Konchanaburi much whole interesting that so hunt to look. The Historian and history places in Konchanaburi all are penetrated. If you in Konc... 2013-03-31 The Province Kanchanaburi Province Kanchanaburi The Province Kanchanaburi rather large administrative formation in Tailande if take in size, that fourth on count. The General area land resource beside 19486 square kilometers, this province is located in border to zone ... 2013-03-31 What to do on resort Pattaya What to do on resort Pattaya? What to do on resort Pattaya? On such level resort as Pattaya work sea and repose no time, but this in that event if you have arrived on resort to work in sphere of the services, but if repose, that here on resort on... 2013-03-18 On county Amphava by bicycle On county Amphava by bicycle See that Tailand that nor who and nor when did not see in principle possible and for this completely and not it is necessary to go on bus where that in place tourist chosen. Possible go before Bangkok, but from t... 2013-03-14 Goods from Taylanda Goods from Taylanda Basically from Tailanda carry the souvenirs, all that in the future could remind about rest and about sea. One masks from tree carry, but other prefer to buy what or cloth traditional paint. In principle that buy in Tailande... 2013-03-11 Ipad 3 from Taylanda Ipad 3 from Taylanda Do Not know it is necessary about this speak or no, but sense to lead from Tailanda electronics in Russia simply no. The Good technology there in the same way dearly costs, but such chinese junk and building is enough. The S... 2013-03-11 On auto in Tailand On auto in Tailand In Thailand there is multiple international and original companies on lease of the cars. The Large companies have an offices in Chiangmae, Phukete, Pattaye, Hua Quinine and Cottages Yai, as well as in other large city. The L... 2013-03-08 Where dive in Tailande Where dive in Tailande On question Where dive in Thailand , we answer that for submersion there is several separate regions in Thailand: 1. West seaside (Phuket and Pi Pi) 2. South safari - To Haa, Quinines Daeng, Quinines Muang, To Lime, To... 2013-03-08