Blog ¹24111943 - Essay-shop. Articles on all the manner of subjects Copyright 2007, ESSAY-SHOP Articles on all the manner of subjects A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday… Brownie as it turns out not only lives behind the stove, but sometimes flies into space, how and why this small and cute creature plows the expanses of the universe this story. 2020-12-02 Beautiful girls for wealthy men If you have money in your pocket and you need a beautiful escort then you are just on the right track 2019-10-05 As same is happening teleportation on the earth science Teleportation may be on the basis of magic with sometimes some sort of magical energy which we call so and the aliens are a little different and we use it differently 2019-09-24 Why with such monstrous speeds the crew of UFO is not experiencing congestion If you watch the speed and trajectory of the UFO you can often see this when at high speed UFO turns 90 degrees in the other direction What happens to the crew at this moment 2019-09-24 Types of UFOs that are most often moved by teleportation Ships UFO great many but not all types of and not all ships in form can teleportation realize typically this mostly ships in the form of flattened spheres 2019-09-24 Do you believe that life on Earth originated from space You can believe or you can not believe but astronomers tend to believe that life still flew to us on the surface of the planet from outer space at least 2019-01-21 On December 22 2018 the Earth was lucky but will it be lucky next time Flew past the asteroid 2003 SD220 Past the earth s surface on December 22 flew at a respectful distance of a large asteroid 2003 SD220 2019-01-21 American scientists tend to believe that contact with aliens has already happened and it happened a long time ago Recent data from NASA indicate that scientists are actively exaggerating the topic of visiting humanity in the distant past of aliens Everything was but it s not as simple as everyone now thinks or as many think 2019-01-21 I found the drawings of the poles of the Sun quite interesting What is happening at the poles of the Sun apparently everyone has long known because the Sun is studied from almost all sides but in the public domain except as drawings of artists or what is not yet 2019-01-21 NASA first telescope Kepler lost and now on Mars Rover can not find NASA will continue to attempt to reconnect with stuck on Mars Rover all attempts so far have no result all looking and looking and can not find 2018-11-05 Space telescope Kepler rather dead than really alive Space telescope Kepler which opened thousands of planets has now died forever and can not be resuscitated this is the verdict of the project engineers 2018-11-05 Scientists from NASA is once again something I so want to believe If NASAs on every corner, discussing a discovery with a high chance of it either not yet or tried to access spent a lot of money. Astronomers from the United States actively into the existing instruments observe the companion Jupiter -Europe. Many a... 2016-10-07