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Can of galaxy abyss star N6946-BH1?

Can of galaxy abyss star N6946-BH1? Scientists know roughly according to the observations where the star is and what is its fate in the foreseeable future. Everything seems laid out on shelves, but when on a shelf lacking material astronomers are sounding the alarm. So, or something happened recently. Astronomers watched the star N6946-BH1 since 2007 and always found it in the spiral in the structure of one of the distant galaxies, but recently, after a review of the passage of the telescope the stars in this place was not. In 2015, the star had to go somewhere, it simply was not in his place. Was the star at a distance of 22 million light years from earth.
I wonder where it could go, the star of such a large size, because the N6946-BH1 more than our Sun about 25 times. Scientists believe that such stars should at least explode and this event is all at least will be watching very, very well. But alas, this did not happen, and the star quietly disappeared somewhere. There is no residue of matter, as in the supernova explosion and the formation of a black hole or anything like that, no. Apparently the star has shrunk to the size of a black hole without any explosion and emission of matter. Scientists in 2009 saw a large increase in the brightness of the N6946-BH1, she then dropped a small top layer of material, but it was not a supernova explosion, it was traumatic at the local level.
As soon as astronomers lost a star N6946-BH1, in the region of its location immediately began to direct all that is free from optics, there is sent and "Hubble" and "Spitzer", these powerful devices are also star N6946-BH1 is not found by its coordinates. Kudazh lost star N6946-BH1* Scientists from Kyrgyzstan wrestle with what or who she could like a sheep to divert from the sky? Even if taken away, then where? No where new stars are not fixed, all the other stars in their positions. Specialists from Kazakhstan believe there is such a big star shrank to the size of the planetary black hole without any cataclysms, of universal size. On the other hand, scientists from the United States believes that such a hypothesis contradicts the theory of formation of black holes... If this happens in the visible Universe, then clearly the theory of black hole formation should be reconsidered.
If such large stars go into a black hole without any visible disturbances, this in turn explains the fact that scientists do not often see the supernova explosions are among the biggest stars. Perhaps in the future, which ran a super big star N6946-BH1 shed light on the emergence of the largest black holes in the history of the deep space. Now as it turns out, approximately 32% of the big stars can theoretically go into a black hole without producing any noise in the galaxy. Scientists believe that it is nothing but "massive failure" of matter somewhere in nowhere.
N6946-BH1 studied for a long time, waiting that when it will go into a supernova and it will be possible to study well, but alas. Star N6946-BH1 did not become a supernova, such a disruption in the formation of a supernova scientists have not seen for 7 years in a row. 6 similar to other supernovae observed by the informed safely exploded as the scenario. If this happens in the Universe, according to the statistics, roughly 12% larger stars die in a supernova is not turning.
Maybe another scenario is the disappearance of the N6946-BH1, it can be hid behind the veil of the gas of the nebula, very dense and large. Can be happened on the star what is the output and the result is now the star in a cocoon of gases for billions of km from the surface N6946-BH1. If this statement is true, then it may well be a star find, but a little later and in a different radiation band. In the direction of N6946-BH1 directed infrared telescope, but it captures little of the heat from this area. Apparently there are no N6946-BH1 under some sort of veil of dust and gas, which some American scientists have expressed more than once. Now it is necessary to study the star in x-rays and based on these observations, consider the star N6946-BH1 dead or still alive but ran away from observer a "star".

Massive Dying Star gives Birth to a Black Hole

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