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If you have the desire and time, you can start monitoring the sprites

If you have the desire and time, you can start monitoring the sprites The higher and farther above the Earth the atmosphere is still razrezhennoi to breathe at some stage it becomes very, very difficult, and some impossible. Where almost the ends of the earth atmosphere in the boundary region, amazing things happen. Scientists find this unique layer of something inexplicable, fix even lightning, called "sprites". Zip these are not the usual white, and red, and if we fixed it in droves. If you are not able to see anything like that, raise your eyes to heaven and good look, now is the time to see a miracle.
In the global network for all who something saw write their reports, skips a lot of messages about fixing atmospheric sprites. 19 may in the sky over the city of Ziethen people saw the whole front of sprites. In the sky there was something, what explanation was, but it was something very similar to high-altitude storm, a lightning storm, where high high.
Sprites have some connection with the usual thunder and lightning and for this reason they are often fixed in the period of activity of thunderstorms, it is usually the spring and summer. It is possible with a probability of 100% is considered the season of thunderstorms and the season of sprites.
Sprite, scientists are considering as part of the weather, which the weather is formed and develops at a height of 80 km above the Earth`s surface. Sprites can be created as below in the milestones and Vice versa. The sprites for the duration of the process is not long, the longest is only 20 milliseconds-time of the observer.
Sprites always seen, wrote about them in the past century as actively as in our time, but until 1989, scientists all the arguments about them being brushed aside. All that to say changed when sprites filmed with a spacecraft, there`s not something to do and reject increasingly made no sense. Now if you are interested in this topic, you will be able to see the sprites in the sky, if be patient and special optical devices.

First Lightning Sprite Caught On Film

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