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How many galaxies in the Universe?

How many galaxies in the Universe? The universe we can observe is big enough and really, people can"t even imagine how universe is big. Students and adults are constantly asking themselves the question, how many galaxies in the Universe, if stars in the universe as countless as the sand on all the beaches along the coast of all continents. Previously the answer was, but he was rather vague outlines now, however, after some research, it turns out that the universe is even bigger than scientists believed until now.
Astronomers have determined that in space there are about 10 times more galaxies or from about 1 to 2 trillion. The mankind simply has no technology required in order for them to fix,so at least scientists think. They came to this conclusion after converted the images from the camera Hubble Deep Field in 3D model to study the number of galaxies at different points in the history of the Universe. Using mathematical models, scientists have deduced that there are galaxies that we cannot observe due to various reasons. Simply put, the number that we are able to see, does not fit the models they had to be much more and these are the ones that we don"t know.
Why we can"t see them?
The answer may depend on the two components of the analysis, limited technology for the time and evolution of the Universe. Technology can compensate only somewhat red shift (which is greater, the farther the galaxy is from us). If the path is found thick dust accumulation of enormous size, we will not see neither that, nor the red shift, or just the flow of light in the visible spectrum. In any other spectrum, and it is possible that we will see, if you put that gas in the nebula is very cold, and if not, then this nebula from us at this time can hide behind hundreds and thousands of galaxies.
New researchers can help find the solution to some puzzles of the figure with the estimated number of galaxies shows that they are blended after each collision. I mean is a million years old and the number of galaxies in the Universe will be completely different from the previous value.
It could be quite some time before astronomers will be able to obtain proof of this theory. Should probably happen a tremendous improvement in the operation of telescopes,and perhaps only then will we be able to see all the galaxies that are still hidden behind the enormous distances in outer space.


Although there is a version among some scientists, even at all desire we never will be able to count the number of galaxies in our Universe only because of the huge distances some laws of physics just do not work, and yet the light reaches us from one part of the Universe, where everything is completely different, everything is so changed that it is time to consider again and again to improve statistics on the number of galaxies in the Universe and so on a vicious circle without the right to the accurate response.

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