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Martian colony on the idea of Elon Musk will be equipped with a Horde of assistive robots

Martian colony on the idea of Elon Musk will be equipped with a Horde of assistive robots The idea of the founder of SpaceX on Mars can be extracted from the bowels of the planet and this case would have to be hordes of robots. Elon Musk believes that Mars will be hard work both on the Ground and in any direction you will need to use the machine, he said this at a conference.
Air can do of ice, which lies at a depth in a skinny planet, robots will be able to get the ice and thereby provide the station and the settlement with oxygen. In addition the robots will be able to dig system in the depths of the planet where you can even build facilities, they will be in deep water and are completely sealed. Mars if to his development in this way will be quite friendly planet.
At the initial stage, the robots can recharge their batteries, Musk and about this aspect of the mission is also told in great detail. The very first thing the Dragon capsule will search the water to produce the needed elements and warmth. That worked for fuel cells based on hydrogen. The drone Heard of Gold will deliver the basic materials for plant for the production of fuels, while the first manned mission will have to complete the full construction of the facility. After that, SpaceX will conduct flights between the two an ideal astronomical positions of Mars and Earth (when the two planets are closest once in every 26 months), and at the same time, the colony will be able to produce fuel on its own.
Don`t worry about the Falcon 9 rocket, which will soon go down in history. Despite the fact that the main engine for interplanetary cruise Block 5, will begin to produce only after 6 - 8 months, the latest version of the Falcon rocket will be able to use indefinitely, if everything is maintained properly. SpaceX still has something to explain to the audience and investors, the Interplanetary transport system will allow you to connect two planets, one will inhabit the Martians, and another humanity, but there are still many issues remains a mystery how all this will work. However, Musk is confident that his plan will be implemented.

Project Elon musk Mars mission

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