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Scientists are teaching a special algorithm for better search of radio galaxies in automatic mode

Scientists are teaching a special algorithm for better search of radio galaxies in automatic mode If you dream a little, it is quite possible as it turns out the program for facial recognition to tie to the astronomical search, and so it turned out that now artificial intelligence is looking for a radio galaxy in the visible part of the Universe. It turns out that facial recognition software from Facebook is not so malicious. After some manipulation with a piece of open-source software turned out quite suitable called ClaRAN, this software is able to scan images that are obtained using modern radio telescopes. Next, the software looks for the photo emissions of radiation from radio galaxies, so to speak, looking for radio jets that fly out of the Central region of galaxies, they give rise to black holes, which are just in the Central regions of such and similar galaxies are..
The ClaRAN program was implemented by a specialist in the field of data sets, and the collaboration with astronomers allowed us to teach the software also to search for some special parameter in photos. Scientists who first used this search technology work in Australia on the basis of the center for radio astronomy research at the University of Western Australia.
Probably no one will argue that at the base of any galaxy is at least a massive black hole. Whether it is a hole or a transition to another world, in any case such an object exists in the center of almost every galaxy. Black holes absorb matter constantly adding to the size, but sometimes black holes emit huge poles on the strength of the radiation fluxes of different particles. These flows scientists dubbed the word "jet"and they can be observed in the radio telescope. Sometimes the jets badly lighted and some part of the heaven, and as the result the usual way is quite difficult to locate the source of this jet, the same parent galaxy from the center of which broke jet. Familiar programs that are in the service of astronomers for a long time to cope with the task badly and not always correctly determine the source of the jet and the galaxy. After the specialists implemented the ClaRAN algorithm, which is based on the developments of Microsoft and Facebook to identify individuals and images. Neither of which is wise is not needed, software free and open source, do what is necessary and use as you want. After a good job on the program, it now does not recognize faces, but it is easy to photos and a number of features looking for radio galaxies without much difficulty. If you want to see the code of this software, you can find it on the github website (github.com).
In a special program to search for galaxies use the radio telescope Australian square kilometer array Pathfinder (ASKAP), and the pictures that will be obtained as a result of the work subjected to a special algorithm and as a result hope to obtain data on more than 70 million galaxies in the visible part of the Universe. If there was no innovative software, the processing of photos would give the result with an error of 10%, then these 10% would need to be processed manually, and this is a grandiose long and dreary. If the ClaRAN algorithm allows the recognition of galaxies with a probability of 100%, it first of all means that volunteers who are involved in the project for processing images in the future will not be needed at all. The topic is very popularly described in the journal Monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society.
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