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Scientists on the occasion discovered what the a substance or material directly alongside huge black hole

Scientists on the occasion discovered what the a substance or material directly alongside huge black hole In one of the European observatories installed the GRAVITY tool, which analyzing the gravitational impact in the Central region of our galaxy will have to confirm the presence of a massive black hole. Installed this expensive device on the basis of the European southern Observatory.
What did you see in the Central region of the milky way? As it turned out there can be quite accurately capture the gas flow at a speed of 30% of the speed of light. Streams of red-hot matter rotate in a circle next to the black hole. When a substance falls beyond the event horizon, it is no longer visible, it is already in the black hole. The new device made it possible to see matter in the immediate vicinity of the black hole event horizon, which no one has been able to record before.
The ESO GRAVITY device, works in conjunction with another device on a Very Large Telescope (VLT) Interferometer. Scientists from Europe decided to use such a powerful device in order to more clearly consider what is happening in the Central region of the milky way galaxy. A black hole or Sagittarius object a* is something massive and this object is located directly in the Central region of the entire galaxy. The telescope allows you to see everything that happens in the accretion disk near the object Sagittarius a* in the infrared range. All that could be seen in varying degrees still confirms the fact that in the center of our galaxy is a huge black hole. The bright flashes that fixed the device were related to the material that was strongly heated up before falling into the black hole directly very close to the event horizon. A part of heated material is rotated around the circumference is quite safe, though at high speed. The other part of the matter is already warmed up to a huge temperature ready to fall on the black hole. The object in the center of our galaxy clearly has a huge gravitational force, and this was once again confirmed by a new experiment. The flares that scientists have discovered belong to matter that still orbits in a stable orbit and does not fall on a black hole, this orbit is the closest to the surface of the Sagittarius a*object. Matter in this surprisingly close to the horizon of events is warmed up to a huge temperature, we can say that almost plasma moves at a speed of 100 thousand kilometers per second. This unique discovery was made due to the fact that scientists in their practice used the most advanced tool GRAVITY. Everything was visible as on a palm, everything was visible in real time in small details to the smallest details. If you are interested in learning more about this unique experiment, the report can be read in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics; chief author Reinhard Genzel (Reinhard Genzel).
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