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On Ceres may, scientists found the building blocks of the universe

On Ceres may, scientists found the building blocks of the universe Maybe once upon a time the dwarf planet Ceres and had its own atmosphere and revolved near a warm star, but this is more science fiction than something what is worth to believe in the literal sense. To believe or not to believe this is like an Amateur, but if you consider the situation from the perspective of gamers from science, they are using the probe Dawn somewhere on this desolate lump found the beginnings of life is molecular bonds of carbon, different this material can be called the bricks of the universe.
Organic matter is on the surface for a long time and apparently there was formed. Scientists are not inclined for a number of reasons to think that all these molecules came to be here as it is from, it could be but the probability of such intrusion blocks of the universe tends to zero.
Scientists believe that in the inner cavities of Ceres still has its own heat, under the thin shell stone somewhere in the depths might have water in liquid form, if it exists, then there can be some sort of life. In order to find out the truth sent a mission "Dawn", cost the desire to learn the truth for taxpayers in the amount of 467 million dollars. In September 2007, the probe successfully left Earth and went to meet with Ceres and Vesta. These two large piles of rocks flying in the area between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt. Most likely the accumulation of asteroids in this belt is part of a very large planet, and Vesta and Ceres it was her moon, but it`s my personal hypothesis, or who haven`t heard, and if heard, afraid to admit the only true.
Scientists studied the map of Ceres found the crater ice at the bottom. In the crater found carbon molecules and some organic matter. What`s next, scientists will find or have already found science and the wider public is not.

Water Ice Accumulation Areas On Ceres

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