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Features of the behavior of a black hole in the galaxy Markarian 1018

 Features of the behavior of a black hole in the galaxy Markarian 1018 Lenses telescopes have caught a black hole with strange habits, sometimes she led an active life, and sometimes it just froze. Object found in a distant galaxy Markarian 1018. Scientists believe that at some stage in the near surroundings matter just ran out, then whitefish gravity pulled a new piece of cloth, and so continued periods. The fact that in the Central region of the large galaxies have a huge black hole it is already an indisputable fact. Most is like in the void, many hundreds of light years away from such black holes is not a single star, but there are those who still consume what is left, at the time of absorption of another portion of matter the black hole glows very bright, sometimes brighter than all the stars in the galaxy.
Presumably, the brightness in the Central area super bright luminosity of galaxies is directly dependent on the mass of a substance that falls on the surface of a massive black hole. The substance falling on the surface of the pre-highly unwound and heated to a temperature of the plasma, the liquid glows a very bright white light. In astronomy, a similar process called accretion.
By analogy comparing it turns out that almost all the cores of large galaxies Shine with the same intensity. In the case of galactic nucleus Markarian 1018 observed five-year stop activity, and then again all repeats. Perhaps in the center of the galaxy is a binary system with a period of five years when the donor star approaches the black hole, it begins a bright glow, and when she leaves, everything calms down.
Remote galaxy Markarian 1018 scientists study in the large ESO telescope, in addition to the use of the orbital tool the Hubble in the visible spectrum, and Chandra in x-rays.
Scientists believe that the second the donor star has appeared in consequence of the fact that at some stage the two large galaxies collided and formed it a called Markarian 1018.

Markarian 1018

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