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Why shattered two stars?

Why shattered two stars? In our domestic issues at family level, we usually always good, but the second half is terribly harmful. It is actually a little different in this mortal world, to start it no need to change with those around you and yourself and then things are as they should be.
It often happens that celebrities specially tearing the bond of marriage in order to draw to the person attention. The real star in outer space as well tear their connections, but breaks at this level it`s an enormous disaster, even at the scale of the galaxy. Scientists as example a cluster of stars far from the Earth at 1344 light years away. This cluster of stars called the Orion nebula, there is about 540 years ago was an amazing event, the impact on the stars in such a way that they began to scatter in different directions with acceleration.
For decades, astronomers from around the world are studying this phenomenon, but I can`t understand what made the stars to scatter in different directions, even with acceleration. Even if to summarize the energy of these two stars, it still wouldn`t be enough for such a gap. To get this rate can move in different directions for two such big stars had to exert a lot of energy. There is a hypothesis that such a cataclysm would have used another star and it is now looking hard with a powerful orbital telescope "Hubble", if there is another runaway star, in this case, all will be explained from the point of view of celestial mechanics. If the topic you are interested in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters is a more detailed article on this topic. Recently a third cause of a cosmic accident found, show her the path movement and the orientation vector, rewind 540 years ago and found out where the star was at the time of the cataclysm. She was just in the Orion nebula in the most active part of the cluster. After observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that something was thrown at once three stars of the very active points of the Orion nebula.
Moving stars, scientists have found a lot and dragging a line vector of direction, I easily found the system from which the star was pushed away. What is found in the Orion nebula is the youngest by years in case of escape of stars from a certain point. Stars young and vibrant they are only a few hundred thousand years. Everything was so.. probably a Binary system unwound so much that as a result of one star flew in one direction and another in another at a great speed. It so happened that a binary system have collapsed and left their companion star, which in itself is unique. Scientists in the future used to observe the Orion telescope James Webb, it will come into operation in the fall of 2018. This device will allow the Orion nebula to study the minutest details of what else we can find in this corner of the Universe it is difficult to say, but the fact that there is clearly not empty and a lot of surprises it is already an indisputable fact.

The Deepest Ever Look into Orion Nebula : Amazing HD views

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