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In the Kuiper belt found a unique celestial body

In the Kuiper belt found a unique celestial body Probably all already know that in the Kuiper belt or anything interesting, except for the ice blocks there. As it turns out, everything is not so prosaic, in this icy world there is something that attracted the attention of scientists. The thing is that there was found an object, which in many respects is just A "white crow" in this icy region. Scientists called the object which is cataloged with the 2004 is listed as an asteroid 2004 EW95. According to new findings, it is not just an asteroid, it is an asteroid of class "C". This conclusion was made by scientists after a series of studies at Queen`s University in Belfast (England). It turns out that this is a common ice block which includes ice of different types water, methane nitrogen, carbon dioxide and a number of other substances. The usual body of the Kuiper belt has a significant volume, but it has a very low density. As for the asteroids of class "C", they are much denser objects, there are no easily evaporated components on the surface, there is a rock, there are heavy elements. These asteroids are rare for the Kuiper belt, they mostly fly in areas close to our star, there are 75% of the total known number. Observing this object I noticed obvious differences between the early scholar Wesley Fraser, he just at that time worked with the Hubble telescope. In order to confirm or refute his hypothesis, the scientist also observed the object 2004 EW95 using the power of the European southern Observatory (ESO). Observations have confirmed. A very large telescope of the European Observatory noticed obvious deviations from the usual parameters of the objects of this belt. Spectrum of the radiation that is sent into the lens of the telescope the object is very different from the common images from around the Kuiper belt. The scientist found here confirmation that this is most likely an asteroid of type "C", rather than something more familiar from the ice, as the total mass in the Kuiper belt. Scientists have found in the reflective spectrum 2004 EW95 the presence of different iron oxides, as well as phyllosilicates. Of all the mass of previously studied objects from this belt, none had such sharp spectral lines inherent in metals.
If it`s an asteroid that`s clearly not formed in this belt, how did it get in this belt? With high probability, the asteroid probably formed somewhere closer to the star, and then magically was abandoned so far away from her warmth and attention. Probably a flight object 2004 EW95 made for a very long time, we can say that at the dawn of the Solar system billions of years ago. Gas giants were the first to form in theory, and then by gravity they threw lighter objects far away from the inner region of the Solar disk.
With a high degree of probability, the asteroid found is a living confirmation of the hypothesis about the origin of the Solar system. Probably in the Kuiper belt in the near future there will be more than one such object then the hypothesis will receive a new impetus to their approval. Strange though how it happened, or anything like that in the Kuiper belt were not previously revealed??? Maybe they, these objects fly at very elongated trajectories and do not always come to a zone where they are not always available? Block 2004 EW95 on the occasion of found March 14, 2004, scientists watched the Kuiper belt using a telescope Observatory Kitt Peak (Arizona, USA). The object as it turns out is quite large, it is in diameter in the largest place reaches 290 kilometers. It`s like II opening and is not what it seems, was to some extent known, now has presented an unexpected mystery.

2004 EW95

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