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The Dutch want to build space ships from asteroids

The Dutch want to build space ships from asteroids Dutch experts decided to hollow out the interior of a conventional asteroid and thereby create a kind of spaceship. Next to implement will only attach to the block engines and can travel through the Universe in search of brothers in mind. Such a spaceship, according to scientists, will be able to more actively protect astronauts from space harmful radiation. Maybe this idea and smacks of some science fiction, but scientists are aiming to be quite realistic, it`s like a realization of the ideas of Arthur C. Clarke, it was he first mentioned in his novels about the ability to use asteroids as a frame for interstellar spacecraft. In such a space ship according to the author of humanity will fly more than one generation, so I guess for such a miracle a broad future. The idea was born in the minds of Dutch scientists, under this topic was created project Evening Asteroid Starship, and it is within this grandiose project was proposed such a radical solution. The authors of this interesting project call themselves the group Tu Delft Starship Team (DSTART). If you think about long-distance flights, the strength of the ship is probably one of the important properties of the new spaceship. Asteroids are different, there are strong enough, so that in this respect, everything is quite realistic. The authors decided to create this guided by the idea to create a completely safe device for a long journey in an active and tough environment. The asteroid is considered as a life support system, more details can be found in the description of the program MELiSSA (Micro-Ecological Life Support system Alternative), it deals with the European space.
The draft specifies that a vehicle in a long haul flight should behave like a normal body, I mean, the ship can continue to build even for a long way. After all, if the expedition at one end, and hopes for no return, then at some stage the extra space will not hurt. In the case of a large asteroid dig a new cabin will not be difficult. Such ships are likely in the future to fly on interstellar trajectories, something similar to the vastness of the Solar system can be used, but apparently with the level of modern technology is that it is probably more fiction than reality. To run this body can now, overclock possible, but the time for braking in conditions of not a big the Solar system is clearly no. So this is an option for outer space.
The ship will fly and" eat " hydrocarbons along the way, which may come across along the way when colliding with smaller hydrocarbon asteroids. Fuel in this case will always be, but provided that there will be asteroids with frozen hydrocarbons, if it is a deserted space, the crew risks to remain without fuel and without a really working life support system. Such a ship will very much depend on the environment in which it will fly.
The idea is clearly not new, something similar in 2016 in NASA has already promoted a certain company Made in Space Inc in the work on the project, which will have to make an asteroid spaceship of the future. Everything revolves around the project of Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata (RAMA). The main purpose of this project is mining asteroids. Next, using the fact that produced to build on 3D printers all that is further required for good performance. According to the plan, the probe Seed Craft flies to the asteroid, harpoons it and begins to rely on artificial intelligence to extract resources. Further, on the basis of the extracted resources, special equipment will create a propulsion system and a flight control system for the probe. She flies herself, produces minerals, lives her life in Autonomous navigation through the depths of space - this is briefly about the theme of the NASA project.
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