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The moon burns with the desire to leave the embrace of the Earth

The moon burns with the desire to leave the embrace of the Earth All are studying in varying degrees the interaction of celestial bodies. Newton much has been paid to the attraction of his time and at some stage of this work appeared scientific work "Mathematical principles of natural philosophy". It studied even Edmund Halley, as after a long observation of the Moon, he had a lot of questions on its trajectory. It was a long time ago, but history has remembered the date - 1690s year. Having studied the work of Newton, Edmund Halley was able to make astronomical predictions with great accuracy. The first forecast with regard to the Eclipse in the area of England in 1715, the prediction accuracy was such that the error amounted to only 4 minutes. Accurately to the 16th century. In order to accurately make predictions of eclipses, Edmund Halley studied earlier predictions of astronomers from Asia and the East. On the one hand like the astronomers of antiquity all correctly counted, but their calculations are not consistent with what was done by Edmund Halley. Astronomer all that to say calculated and found that the farther in the past, the more differences. It was as though the farther into the past, the intervals between eclipses increased. Edmund Halley calculated the cycles to 1000 years ago, but did not understand what happened in the past? Or the Earth is slowing down gradually in the axial rotation or the Moon farther and farther from Earth with each revolution. It took several centuries before scientists really noticed that the Earth slows and the Moon at the same time gradually removes from Earth. If so, then the tides on the Earth should be less and less intense. The tides (a huge mass of water) so to speak pull and rocking the moon, it is in consequence gradually comes to a higher orbit. And the Ground of this experience a little slowing down in rotation and lose energy. The process is not significant, but it is still possible to fix, but if the effect of stretch on for millions of years, it turns out very significant numbers and distances. Tidal forces acting throughout the Solar system, each planet in turn affects their satellites. The tidal interaction between the Moon and Earth there, but it is still not as strong as for example on Enceladus, but that is enough to gradually slow the Earth`s rotation and to remove the moon and to do it so that lunar eclipses occur with age less and less, and the Moon is getting smaller and smaller. If you wait about 620 million years and then the Moon will be so small that the full Eclipse could be and not be at all. By the way, the Sun increases so does the likelihood of such events, when "total Eclipse of the Sun" will be gone or when come not in 620 million years, but much earlier. We do not what is not threatened, so live quietly and looking at the moon, which practically is not changing in size.
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